Rogue Warriors Pull Off Huge Upset Against FunPlus Phoenix in League Pro League’s Summer Split 2020

Rogue Warriors Pull Off Huge Upset Against FunPlus Phoenix in League Pro League’s Summer Split 2020
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Former League of Legends world champions FunPlus Phoenix convincingly lost a crucial match  against Rogue Warriors, who are now 3-8 in the 2020 LPL Summer Split.

This loss puts FPX at 5-5 on the split, dropping them from a playoff spot to 10th place. While the loss could be attributed to FPX’s lackluster performance, RW stepped up in this game as well, playing much better compared to their previous series.

While the first game was even in kills toward the end, the game state was heavily in favor of Rogue Warriors. They took a different approach compared to the traditional bloodbath LPL style. RW focused on neutral objectives, securing the Dragon Soul, both Heralds, a Baron, and even an Elder Dragon due to how fast they took the Elemental Drakes.

An early play around the 10-minute mark in the top lane set the tempo for the rest of the game. While FPX were focusing on other lanes, RW decided to shove the first Rift Herald into their inhibitor tower, almost taking it down.

ue to how much pressure RW were exerting, FPX were forced to give up neutral objectives in favor of protecting their base. Once RW got the Elder Dragon and Baron, it was lights out for FPX, even though they weren’t far behind in kills. The game ended abruptly once RW rushed down the Nexus without killing anyone.

In the second game, RW adopted the traditional LPL style, going for skirmishes early on. While the first couple of fights were even, RW started coming out ahead in the mid game. This set FPX further behind and put RW on a clear path to the series win.

A fight in the mid game ended all hopes for FPX. RW snowballed so much that they were uncontrollable. They took down the Baron shortly afterward and then went to push all lanes, slowly choking out FPX before finishing the game.

FPX looked lackluster today. They might need to consider subbing in GimGoon since Khan has seemed off his game in the past couple of series. Their recent losses have mostly been due to a losing top side. But last split, FPX destroyed their competition with GimGoon.

FPX face a huge challenge on Sunday. They have to play against the LPL Spring Split champions, JD Gaming. JDG have looked strong lately, sitting confidently in third place in the LPL Summer Split standings.

You can watch FPX play their next match on the official LPL broadcast channel at 6am CT.