The Suicide of Rachel Foster Is Coming To Consoles With Its Unsettling Horror Experience

The Suicide of Rachel Foster Is Coming To Consoles With Its Unsettling Horror Experience
Credit: Steam XO

The Steam favorite horror adventure The Suicide of Rachel Foster is being ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this month. After a successful reception on Steam, the game is now being brought to the console audience for the second round of accolades. Experience an immersive experience in a multilayered narrative about a deep subject.

This title will bring players back to the story of Nicole, a women driven by a mother’s wish to uncover the past. Discover the secrets behind the suicide of Rachel as you learn more about the downfall of the girl. Supported only by a young FEMA agent, players will go deep into the darkness of a family’s existence.

Go back to the family hotel years after a horrible incident occurs. Explore the ghosts of your past and unveil the terrible truth about Rachel Foster and your family involvement. This is a unique and casual horror experience for narrative-driven fans to embrace and explore.

The game is set in 1993, ten years after Nicole and her mother left the family hotel after learning about her father’s affair. Rachel, a girl Nicole’s age, is not only pregnant but eventually takes her own life in the hotel.

Now that both of Nicole’s parents have died, she has decided to sell the hotel and make amends with Rachel’s relatives. Return to the decaying structure of the hotel and explore the past. When the weather gets bad, Nicole must stay in the hotel with only the support of Irving, a young FEMA agent using an ancient radiotelephone.

Explore a story of love, death, and nostalgia all wrapped up in a story of fear, horror, and ghosts. This is a thrilling tale that will drive players forward into a horrible truth about the reality of Rachel Foster.

This title gives players a detailed hotel full of dark secrets and uncomfortable truths. This game comes loaded with an immersive experience with an unnerving and mature storytelling experience.

This multi-layered narrative combines mystery and horror. With its binaural audio the game becomes an even more immersive experience.

This title was very well received on Steam with a popularity of 76%. Fans enjoy the true feeling of this title mixed with its immersive and mature feeling. This is not a game meant for soft audience members, players will need a level of grit to deal with the horror in store in this experience.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster is available on PC with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports coming on August 26.