League of Legends, Patch 10.3: Balance Changes, Highlights, Notes And Rundown By Scairtin

League of Legends, Patch 10.3: Balance Changes, Highlights, Notes And Rundown By Scairtin
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

Patch 10.3 is live in League of Legends.

Several champions were nerfed, others were buffed alongside some bugfixes.


1) Akali – Q energy cost increased from 100 / 95 /  90 / 85 / 80 to 120 / 115 / 110 / 105 / 100 energy. W movement speed increased by 10% per level but it no longer persists for the entire duration of the shroud, only 2 seconds on the cast. R1 is no longer a free target, it needs to be used on a champion, R2 unchanged. Akali is overdue for a nerf for a long time since her pick/ban presence of 100% in pro play. This will most likely force her out of solo que meta completely.

2) Aphelios – sniper rifle range changed from infinite to 1800. The direction of the nerf is wrong, Aphelios is too strong in many other aspects, the sniper rifle rangeability was not an issue.

3) Azir – increased base mana and number of soldiers for R. While this will not bring the Emperor back in the meta, it is a good buff.

4) Corki – special delivery damage / slow duration increased. Corki has been out and in meta for the past patches, the special delivery package is mainly used for a roam, not for damage so this buff won’t change much.

5) Diana – base mana and damage from W decreased. She has been terrorizing solo que for some time after the rework. This nerf should make her less of a terror during the laning phase.

6) Ekko – passive damage reduced versus monsters by 50%. Should make him less obnoxious, he was pick/ban status.

7) Ezreal – mana growth alongside attack speed increased. Ezreal has been outshined by other powerful ADCs, these buffs will have a significant impact on him as base stats buffs are usually the strongest.

8) Galio – Q ticks increased from 3 to 4, duration adjusted from 1.5 to 2 seconds. More damage is always good, Galio has been a staple pick against some match-ups for months.

9) Leona – W/E damage decreased. Leona has been picked pretty much every pro-play game or banned and is almost always picked in solo que. Her kit is really strong to lock down immobile targets, will not affect her win-rate by much.

10) Miss Fortune – base AS decreased, this will force players to actually buy some attack speed instead of going for full crit items.

11) Rumble – W shield nerfed, this should allow other mid-laners who got zoned out by him to be back in mid-lane.

12) Sejuani – has a bonus AS at level 11. This will make her jungle clear much easier.

13) Senna – passive adjusted, no longer 100% no cannon kills, but 1.67% if Senna kills them instead. Nerf is addressed at AD senna which is a terror currently.

A big change was the experience buff for junglers who fell behind in levels to laners. The patch addresses some issues and nerfs overperforming champions, while some nerfs could have been harsher (ex. Aphelios/Senna), the nerfs done by Riot are a start.