Cyberpunk 2077’s Story Director Claims; ‘The Plot Is More Impressive Than The Witcher’s Small Human Drama’

Cyberpunk 2077’s Story Director Claims; ‘The Plot Is More Impressive Than The Witcher’s Small Human Drama’
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

Martin Blacha, CD Projekt Red’s plot director, spoke to ‘Inn: Poland’ in an interview which was later translated by VGC, that “Cyberpunk 2077 game’s plot is ‘much grander’ than the typical ‘regular human dramas’ shown in the Witcher.

On that note, one can say, Cyberpunk 2077’s plot can fill large double books and another two occupying directorial comments. Blacha also unveiled some of the interesting characters in the game, particularly the artificial intelligence that controls the operation of a taxi company.

However, CD Projekt proclaimed that Cyberpunk 2077’s primary campaign is undoubtedly going to be shorter than the third entry of the Witcher’s story. However, still, Cyberpunk will make up with a high chance of players coming back for more.

‘Looking at the game from a creator’s perspective, one can say Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that revolves around a certain group of heroes in conflict with the world around them, though the same world mirrors them’, Blacha explained.

He continued by saying: ‘For me, everything is more impressive than the stories portrayed in The Witcher.’ He also stressed that the type of characters he prefers to write on are those with internal emotional turmoil because it provides him the grandiosity to create intense emotional reactions and dialogue. He continued: to summarize, he appreciates ‘completely unusual’ characters, because all he needs to do will be to look for a new language for them entirely.

‘Without being too grandiose about it,’ he said: ‘I can reveal one of the characters on my list of favorite heroes who want to accomplish his life goal in one day, artificial intelligence that controls a conglomerate—taxi company—. Finally, a smart girl who is usually found hanging around the counter in a mystic shop 50% of the time while playing the role of a nurse,’ he said.

According to the writers, they omitted new words in the dialogue, but they often gave new explanations for already known terms. For instance, during the conversation, when the characters talk about ‘full conversion,’ they mean the exchange of their biological body for the electro-mechanical body, and when they say ‘optics,’ they usually refer to electronic sight implants.

However, Blacha claimed that no knowledge on the number of words for Cyberpunk 2077’s script came to his notice, but he’s sure no story currently occupies four full books. He said: ‘how much text was in total? Well, I can’t say because I am not aware of the exact number yet, I was only trying to figure what depth of immersion is present when all the words combine together.’

It happened that the game’s dialogue is in two thick books of conversation, and another set of dual volumes of the director’s intent to go alongside. However, the test records will be different, and the other documentation for the game will not be necessary, still they are plenty of them.

With that said, the Cyberpunk 2077 is set to release the game April 16, 2020 for consoles and PC. However, fans can pre-order now at huge retailers like Amazon, Base, Best Buy, and many more. There was news of Cyberpunk 2077 coming out before or to be released on Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5, moreover, not at the official launch of the consoles mentioned above.

For more specifics, check the interview with Cyberpunk creator Mike Pondsmith and CD Projekt, concept artist, Marthe Jonkers. Until then, happy gaming!