Control Is Getting Its First Expansion This Month Called The Foundation

Control Is Getting Its First Expansion This Month Called The Foundation
Credit: IGN via YouTube

One of the more interesting and well-received games of 2019 was Control by Remedy Entertainment. The developer did amazing work at giving this game such a unique identity in terms of visuals, gameplay, and of course, story. The game has done so well — in fact — that it has received a ton of gaming award nominations.

The game has been out since August of last year, and already, it’s receiving its first expansion. This news comes from the developer directly and according to their reports, it will be available March 26. That’s only a couple of days away. So what exactly will it consist of and just how much better or weirder can it make Control? Let’s take a deeper look.

Starting off, it’s being titled The Foundation. It will be the place where this add-on story takes place, underneath the Oldest House. A teaser trailer was just put out showing a little bit of what’s to come. Probably the big takeaway here is the appearance of Helen Marshall. She’s the head of operations for the Federal Bureau of Control.

She appears in several sequences of the base game, but later ventures off somewhere because she has to go check on things. What these things are is never revealed to you during the main story, but that brings us to the first expansion. It should be interesting to find out what she has been up to and what evil threats she’s been tasked to control.

That’s pretty much all of the details we have at the moment. Even with these brief notes, The Foundation seems like a mysterious expansion that should lead you farther down the rabbit hole of sci-fi elements and events of the paranormal.

We also know that another expansion is set to roll out sometime later this year, although there aren’t any concrete details at the moment. Still, it’s great seeing Control being supported post-launch by Remedy. It really is a great game that you have to check out at some point.

The game has a very atmospheric vibe to it that you’ll pick up on early in the game. Exploring the Oldest House also is a treat from start to finish. Seemingly boring on the outside, it gives rise to many nooks and crannies that are full of mysteries. The very act of exploring is a fun time that will have you coming back to this game time and time again.