Control Has A New Trailer Out Now Showing Off Next-Gen Capabilities In The Ultimate Edition

Control Has A New Trailer Out Now Showing Off Next-Gen Capabilities In The Ultimate Edition
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Controlhas been one of the more unique and compelling action-adventure games in recent memory. It has a unique take on paranormal events and keeps players invested, whether it’s the plot twists in the story or the changing shooting mechanics of the Service Weapon.

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Then Remedy went on to add two big DLCs, The Foundation and Awe. Both furthered the story and continued the great shooting and telekinetic gameplay for players. Now, the developer has their sights set on the Ultimate Edition.

It includes the base game plus both expansions, as well as next-gen support for both the Xbox Series X and PS5. Control already is a beautiful game to look at and experience, but it’s about to get even better when the Ultimate Edition releases later next year in February.

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That is still pretty far off, but fortunately thanks to a new trailer highlighting the Ultimate Edition of Control, next-gen console owners don’t have to wait to see the visual upgrades. They’re on full display. Both a Performance Mode and Graphics Mode are featured on the PS5 specifically.

The trailer isn’t long, but it does show the difference between the two modes. The Performance mode runs at 60fps while the Graphics Mode runs at 30fps. It’s nice that Control players will be able to pick between the two or use them both depending on what type of gameplay experience they want.

There are always those that care about performance specs and then on the other side of the coin, those that want a visually pleasing experience. In the Ultimate Edition, players won’t have to choose when playing on either the Xbox Series X or PS5.

Control is already an amazing experience, but the Ultimate Edition seems like the definitive way to check out a great story, compelling main protagonist, and stellar weapon variety. If you haven’t yet experienced it, then this latest package coming in February will give you a lot of content to sink your teeth into. And if you are lucky enough to have a next-gen console, you’ll get to put the game to the test like never before.

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Games like Control don’t come around that often. It’s a fresh take on a popular genre. Remedy has kept the content coming strong too despite how much success the base game already had. Who knows what else could be on the horizon for the game and developer? A sequel would definitely get people buzzing.