The Next Panzer Dragoon Game Will Be A VR Shooter Called Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record

The Next Panzer Dragoon Game Will Be A VR Shooter Called Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Panzer Dragoon has been an important series for many fans. These games appeared back in the 90s and were a huge accomplishment for the creator, Sega. They always had light-hearted tones and amazing story-telling elements. Unfortunately, it has been quite a while since one of these games has appeared on the marketplace.

That’s fixing to change though as the franchise is being brought back to life after all of this time. This announcement has been known for several months now, but just recently, more details were shared by the developer Wildman. The next chapter in this iconic and beloved series is a VR title. That’s right.

Titled Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record, this upcoming VR game is taking the series in a novel direction that should bring a whole new wave of immersion that was never possible up until this point. It should be noted — though — that this VR experience isn’t starting a new story. Rather, it will just give players the chance to relieve some moments from the previous installments — only using VR technology.

On paper, it sounds like a great idea. More and more franchises are starting to go the VR route, at least as a one-off. It’s not surprising too because there are a ton of gamers that appreciate VR technology and its respective headsets. There’s something special about putting one on and instantly being transported to another world. It’s like you’re in an actual video game where anything is possible.

As far as this VR title’s control scheme, the developer has confirmed that players will wield a VR controller to act as a handgun. They’ll then be able to turn their head in all directions to see where they’re supposed to shoot. Of course, the game will be shot from first-person and there are many previous installments showing up. These include Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon 2, and Panzer Dragoon Saga.

If you have any history playing this franchise, these are some of the better offerings. There are plenty of interesting characters and enemies you’ll have the chance to go head to head with. Experiencing all of the flying action in VR mode also sounds like a winning recipe for players.

The timeframe as of now is March 2021. There are no direct headset confirmations just yet, but it would make sense to see this game appear on some of the most popular. It’s definitely a game worth checking out if you followed the series ever since the beginning or are just a fan of VR gaming.