Century: Age Of Ashes, A PlayStation Version About Slaying Dragons, Will Undergo A Delay

Century: Age Of Ashes, A PlayStation Version About Slaying Dragons, Will Undergo A Delay
Credit: gamestsu

The PS5 and PS4 release of Century: Age of Ashes, a free-to-play dragon battle game, has been postponed from tomorrow.

Playing, a Bordeaux-based game developer, conceded in a message that it just requires more time but insisted that getting the game onto PlayStation is still its primary focus. But, it didn’t provide a substitute date.

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Sincerest apologies first. Some of you may be puzzled why there is a wait this close to the release; further information is provided below.

Releasing a game later than planned is never fun, especially when we are aware that many users prefer to use PlayStation platforms, and Century: Age of Ashes will probably reach a turning point at this point.

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It’s a difficult challenge to get certification on PlayStation—what we refer it as “going gold” soon after the Xbox One release and the introduction of the first season, A Shadow Over Skeld. As a result, we will need a bit additional time to make sure we meet the requirements for shipping on these two platforms.

Steve stated, “Overall, I’ve found myself underwhelmed in Century: Age of Ashes,” in our assessment of the game. Although the presentation of the central PvP F2P game is quite good, nothing else really sets it apart.

The games are simple and repetitious, and because leveling up takes so long, it seems likely that they will incentivize spending actual money on aesthetic upgrades.

This initially appeared to be the game that my adolescent self had imagined, but like most teenage fantasies, it mostly causes painful wrists and a sense of guilt and regret.

Century: Age of Ashes was first released on Steam on December 2, 2021, then on March 10, 2022, it arrived on Xbox Series consoles, then on July 12, this year, it appeared on Xbox One. Additionally being developed is a version for mobile devices.