No More Heroes III initially launched in August 2021 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch

No More Heroes III initially launched in August 2021 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch
Credit: nme

In October, no More Heroes III will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In the Japanese market on October 6th. The developers will clarify the information for other regions in the near future.

Japanese participants will be capable of purchasing the game both physically and digitally. In addition, the Digital Deluxe edition will offer the action movie with a 70-page digital art book and soundtrack.

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However, the Grasshopper Manufacture studio that created the game was later bought by the Chinese from NetEase Games and is currently working on new projects.

In the following ten years, the team will release at least three games under the wing of NetEase on the original IP.
Simultaneously moving to new platforms, No More Heroes III will receive Japanese voice acting. It will be added to the Nintendo Switch with a patch in October.

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The music and sounds in No More Heroes III are excellent. The accompaniments to the battles are very well chosen; each boss has its catchy melody.

The sound effects are peppy and varied. It is also worth reporting that the creators managed to attract all the voice actors from the original games.

The voices of Sylvia, Travis, and Shinobu are the same as ten years ago, which will return fans to a familiar and pleasant atmosphere.

At the same time, the characters look perfect; shaders and special effects are beyond praise. The characters are varied and surprisingly well combined in the overall picture of madness. During skirmishes with some bosses, the jaw falls off from the coolness and sophistication of visual effects.

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No More Heroes 3 is an original project with a soul. It is not perfect, but bright and memorable. It’s very nice after so many years to get a sequel that offers the development of the main ideas of the series and adds a lot of fresh ones.