Psychological horror card game Inscryption coming to PS4 and PS5-exclusive features details and trailer

Psychological horror card game Inscryption coming to PS4 and PS5-exclusive features details and trailer
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Iscryption, a dark card adventure from indie developer Daniel Mullins Game (Pony Island and The Hex), is coming to PS4 and PS5 consoles. However, the release date for the new game versions has not yet been announced.

Inscryption combines roguelike deckbuilding, quest room-style puzzles, and psychological horror. Players need to play cards hiding Leshy in a secluded hut.

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On PlayStation consoles, the game will receive several exclusive features. For example, the sound of a talking Stoat card can be heard from the controller’s speakers. The gamepad’s backlight will also change color to match the hut’s interior.

In addition, the project will acquire support for the proprietary haptic feedback of the DualSense controller of the PS5 console.
Inscryption is currently available on PC. As of January 12 this year, the game has sold over a million copies.

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For those who may not be familiar, encryption is an ink-black card odyssey that is partly a bully deck, somewhat a room escape puzzle, and partly a psychological horror.

As far as video game genres are concerned, this is a potent mix. What started as a demonic deck builder soon becomes very different, but I’ll leave it to you to discover its darkest secrets.

The game initially finds you trapped at the mercy of a sad stranger known only as Lash, who sees nothing but a pair of glowing eyes staring at you from the darkest corner of his cabin.

By learning and adapting to Leshie’s changing book of principles, you will expand your Woodland Creature Deck with drafting, operations, and self-maturation.

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Sacrifice critics like squirrels and rabbits play more prominent and dangerous creatures like the mighty Grizzly or the legendary rarity like Montes God. Between games, you can wander around the salon, slowly solving a series of puzzles that empower you on the card table and reveal deep secrets.