It looks like FromSoftware is gearing up to announce the relaunch of Armored Core

It looks like FromSoftware is gearing up to announce the relaunch of Armored Core
Credit: nme

It looks like FromSoftware will announce a relaunch of the Armored Core series shortly. Netizens have noticed that the official Dark Souls developer site is now signed as ” armored core ” when searching on Google, even though the Japanese studio’s latest game is Elden Ring.

The studio is now updating the official website in preparation for the announcement of Armored Core. The last part of this series came out almost ten years ago – in 2013.

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Recall that the alleged information about the new Armored Core and screenshots appeared last winter. Based on the description, the game is partly inspired by Dark Souls.

“The boss fight is similar to the Souls series games. And the long-range gunfights are reminiscent of Virtua On. I focus on this game because I have never played the previous parts of Armored Core.

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The video shows a white mech that flies up to a giant robot -boss and uses some energy or a laser sword, which also reminds me of Souls.

Next was a segment with a prominent location, where the player, while in the same mech, follows other characters (co-op?), moving across the snowy ground (or hovering close above it), approaching a massive wall or gate, which again reminds Souls sweeping architecture.

But that location did not look like a castle, but rather a destroyed metal or stone gate. The video itself is concise,” the Red Licorice insider said about the video of the game that allegedly got to him.

Miyazaki also said that more updates are planned for Alden Ring. Still, it’s unclear if that means additional content – FromSoftware hasn’t announced any expansions yet – or if its open-world RPG balance has shifted and improved.

For example, the developer’s Dark Souls and Bloodborne series have seen a significant increase in post-release content in the form of new expansions.

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But the recent game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice received a minor update – in 2020, FromSoftware updated their samurai game with short gameplay footage titled Boss Rush Mode, New Costumes, and Remnants.