Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is Receiving Free Content That Will Extend Game Play

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is Receiving Free Content That Will Extend Game Play

On the Activision blog earlier today, FromSoftware posted that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be receiving some tender love and care in the form of an upcoming free update on all platforms.

The update is scheduled to launch on October 29, 2020, in apparent celebration of the title selling five million copies around the world; not too shabby considering that the title is notoriously difficult and started as a PlayStation exclusive title.

Four big pieces will be coming in late October; here’s what to expect from the update.

First, outfits for the Wolf: three outfits are being brought with the update that allows you to play dress-up with the favored Wolf. Of the three, one will unlock upon completion of the game; two others will unlock by completing Gauntlets (which we’ll cover momentarily). The outfits are cosmetic only but act as wearable trophies for your achievements within the title. Now everyone can know precisely how much of a sycophant you truly are.

The second piece is remnants, a mechanic that those who have worked through FromSoft’s titles in the past should be well familiar, although it has a unique twist. While in the Dark Souls franchise, remnants were automatically recorded moments before death for players to watch; in Sekiro, these remnants will be manually recorded by players.

The recordings can show how to deal with a particularly tricky foe, or show some precise platforming so players can understand where they should go next. If a user finds your remnant recording helpful and rates it, then the owner of said remnant gets an HP recovery; much like Dark Souls. The shift, however, from automatic to manual will likely make these far more helpful than they were in the past; navigating labyrinthian environments could very well be less of a plight for newer players.

The final two mechanics being introduced in the update are both something you’ll need to unsheath your weapon for; reflections and gauntlets.

At Sculptor’s Idols, Wolf will now be able to revisit past bosses for, as FromSoftware puts it, ‘an even greater sense of understanding and pride.’ Whether this means you can’t nab some additional resources for completing a boss again, or if it’s just a feel-good, isn’t clear. But working through these reflections will ready Wolf for the next part: Gauntlets.

With Gauntlets you’ll need to chew through multiple bosses on one singular life; if you die, you forfeit everything and need to begin again. These are crafted to be very challenging obstacles that players can opt to fight through; by completing them, you can earn two unique outfits for Wolf.

This is all a long time coming, scheduled to hit late October. This means you have more than enough time to get through the rest of the title before exploring the brutal content upcoming.