Daisy, Shy Guy, And Other Entertaining Features Will Be Added In A Free Update To Mario Strikers Battle League

Daisy, Shy Guy, And Other Entertaining Features Will Be Added In A Free Update To Mario Strikers Battle League
Credit: gn24

Mario Strikers: Battle League, the newest sports title for the Nintendo Switch, will receive its first post-launch update this week. The update launches on July 21 and updates the game with new characters, a stadium, and other features.

Mario Strikers: Battle League a free update will be available starting on July 22 that adds a variety of new elements to the game, including the new playable characters Daisy and Shy Guy, a new set of clothing with a knight motif, and the new Desert Ruin stadium.

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Daisy and Shy Guy will join the cast as the first two new playable characters. Shy Guy is a very healthy character who can be adjusted as desired with gear, while the princess has a high technique stat that shields her from being knocked down by enemies.

Additionally, you may dress them in brand-new Knight-themed gear, prominently displayed in the update video. Strength and shooting stats are boosted by knight armor at the expense of other stats. Finally, a brand-new Desert Ruin stadium will be available, and you can choose it as your club stadium.

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This year, continuing support isn’t just being provided for Mario Strikers, the lone Switch game. As part of the Booster Course Pass, Nintendo will also release extra tracks for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. In addition, five other tunes are expected to be released through the end of 2023 after the initial wave arrived back in March.

In our assessment of Mario Strikers: Battle League, we found that the mechanics are pretty intricate and nuanced but that it might benefit from adding more modes and activities:

There isn’t a lot of variation in Mario Strikers: Battle League’s game modes and available settings. However, it is more technically difficult than many Mario sports games, which might give it a chance with devoted players.

There isn’t much more to sports than competing against opponents to demonstrate your expertise, so that will have to do.”

The Nintendo Switch is the only platform for which Mario Strikers: Battle League is currently available.