Capcom Working On Resident Evil Game For Next-Gen Console; Recruits May Be The First To Try Out Xbox Scarlett?

Capcom Working On Resident Evil Game For Next-Gen Console; Recruits May Be The First To Try Out Xbox Scarlett?
Credit: SwingPoynt via YouTube

Even before the Xbox Scarlett is rolled out of the factory, Capcom already has a game in the pipeline.

In a letter, Capcom invited Resident Evil community for the privilege to try out the new game possibly for Xbox Scarlett. The recruits will be handpicked both in Japan and the US.

Reportedly, the testing sessions won’t be online. The company hinted that recruits will fly out to Los Angeles and New York for the tests. This makes sense so the people are placed in an environment that the company can control.

That way, there’s no way that details for both the new Resident Evil game or Xbox Scarlett will leak. The recruits will likely sign a non-disclosure agreement before they could proceed to test out the game.

The Los Angeles sessions will take place on September 20-21. Meanwhile, the New York sessions will take place on September 23-24.

The recruits can’t expect to be compensated for participating. They would have to be hardcore Resident Evil fans to participate if that’s the case.

Those who will apply should be a member of the Resident Evil Ambassador Program. They should also have played the game in the past to give feedback. The Ambassador Program was launched in June 2016 in time for the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

Users must be at least 17 years old and should sign up through their Capcom, Facebook, Twitter, or LINE accounts. They will get their own card and page that will display their unique number and registration date.

The Resident Evil ambassadors will enjoy some perks, as well as first priority on any update or news. For instance, they first knew about the Dummy Finger in the demo, Beginning Hour.

Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett is one of the most anticipated consoles today. The next-gen console was revealed during the E3 but it gave scant details on the specs. For instance, it’s touted to be the most powerful console once it hits the market next year. It will even trounce the upcoming PS5, according to reports. Just to give an idea, the Scarlett is supposed to be four times the power of the Xbox One X.

Xbox exec Phil Spencer said that they went back to basics in designing the Xbox Scarlett. They focused all their energy to make sure the console will do one thing best–enhance the gaming experience.

Watch out for more news on the new Resident Evil game, as well as the Xbox Scarlett release date.