Brawlhalla Tournament Qualifiers On Oct. 6 And 13; World Championship To Happen In The US

Brawlhalla Tournament Qualifiers On Oct. 6 And 13; World Championship To Happen In The US
Credit: Brawlhalla via YouTube

October would be a month of fun and excitement for the fans of Brawlhalla as the World Championship finally starts.

Some of the highly skilled European players have the chance to take home the multi-million dollar prize money. This is possible if they have the skills to move forward after the online qualifiers on Oct. 6 and 13. Both the PC and Xbox One players can join.

Once they ace out the other players, they will advance to the next round. The best six participants of each schedule will be part of the Brawlhalla finals in Paris called the Great Brawl.

The winner in the Paris finals will be qualified to participate in the World Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. Apart from having the pride to represent Europe, the winning gamer will also enjoy a complete travel package for free. A cash prize of €20,000 is at stake as well.

Interested participants can register via the official website of the free-to-play fighting game.

On the other hand, Ubisoft launched a new legend for Brawlhalla on Sept. 20.

Arcturius Vector, the 47th legend in the game’s history, is a cyber-marine. It came from a universe in the future which landed on Valhalla.

Vector’s mission is to run after Mechassassin Blackstorm, his nemesis. Thus, he traveled from 3006 across the galaxy to reach 1987. Vector’s mortal enemy has to be stopped from taking the life of Sentinel, a superhero and ancient leader.

However, the former’s plan of action did not go smoothly. The newest legend of Brawlhalla was found in a horrible situation battling against Kabal, the evil antagonist. Like a true legend, he collaborated with Sentinel to fight against Kabal and his league. They likewise worked together to win over the squadron of superjets.

By using this legend, the Brawlhalla players can take advantage of his six popular attacks. Each of the Rocket Lance and Bow attacks has three different signatures.

The Rocket Lance signatures enable Vector to transform into a fighting jet. The Bow signatures allow Vector to maximize his bow’s capabilities in beating the opponent. Take a glance of Vector in this YouTube video.

Meanwhile, players who want to have the Vector Model 101, Dragonaut Vector, and Hyperdrift Vector skins, they already can. Each of them can finally be purchased for 140 Mammoth Coins.

Brawlhalla was developed by Blue Mammoth Games and was released in October 2017. Its gameplay is similar to that of Super Smash Bros, Nintendo’s crossover fighting game.