Night School Studio’s Unique Afterparty Is Set To Release In October Via The Epic Games Store

Night School Studio’s Unique Afterparty Is Set To Release In October Via The Epic Games Store
Credit: Night School Studio via YouTube

September is drawing to a close, which means the month of Halloween is just around the corner. If you’re a gamer, that’s great news because it often leads to a lot of spooky releases. One game that matches that description with a bit of humor mixed in is Afterparty. This action-adventure game is brought to you from the people at Night School Studio. You might remember their work from Oxenfree, another creepy action-adventure game.

This time, they’ve dialed up the humor and it works out pretty great in Afterparty. You see, two friends have found themselves in Hell. The only way they’ll be able to leave is if they out-drink Satan. That’s right. You’ll have to take down the underworld through consuming alcohol. It’s a pretty bizarre concept on paper, but somehow has a lot of charm when played firsthand.

Afterparty is currently set for an October release, which will initially be available on the Epic Games Store. It will release on other outlets shortly after. If you’re up for an epic adventure in Hell, this is the game for you.

The two main protagonists in the game are Milo and Lola. They’re best friends and have found themselves in a precarious situation. They’re in Nowhere, the outermost island of Hell. They’re forced to put their drinking skills to the test to have any hope of leaving this dammed place once and for all.

The developers decided to add an intelligent conversation system in this game, which will direct how this game plays out. The questions you answer and the details you disclose to various characters in the underworld will shape both Milo and Lola’s fate. There is thus added weight to every action you take.

You’ll get to go around bar to bar in hell and try a unique mixture of liquors. Each drink has a special effect on Milo and Lola, prompting them with unique dialogue options. In addition to the nice variety of drinks, you’ll get to play pub games. These include chugging competitions, dance-offs, and everyone’s favorite, beerpong. There’s no shortage of things to do, despite the fact that you’re trapped in the last place you want to be.

Additionally, how you play the game will affect other characters you come across. Just be sure to not cross the wise and powerful in this game or you’ll regret it. Afterparty is just the ticket to a good time down under.