Squad Gets 2 New Helicopters On September 23 Game’s Alpha 16 Adds New Afghanistan-Themed Map

Squad Gets 2 New Helicopters On September 23 Game’s Alpha 16 Adds New Afghanistan-Themed Map
Credit: Squad via YouTube

Squad, the video game developed and published by Offworld Industries, is getting exciting additions to its gameplay.

The first-person shooter game is expected to win more gamers as it gets some enhancements. These include the two helicopters and the Afghanistan-themed map.

Originally released in December of 2015, the title has been a favorite among military simulation video game lovers. The interest could be attributed to the massive modern army environment it features.

When it comes to its gameplay, fans have been citing its squad-based concept as a major turn-on. With it, they could feel that they are in a real military world while battling opponents.

The Squad video game’s new helicopters would help in accomplishing the objectives according to their uses. The MI-8 Hip is for transportation purposes. Meanwhile, the UH-60 Grouse serves as Blackhawk.

A word of caution, though! These choppers are not easy to fly and manipulate. In short, the players must learn how to use them to ensure that they are maximized.

On Reddit, several enthusiasts shared how the helicopters could help the Squad players.

It was pointed out that the transport choppers would be more than useful for the movement of troops. These could assist, too, for the supply of larger maps.

In the meantime, the attack choppers may need infantry and anti-air vehicles to ensure balance in the military environment.

Another fan surmised that the current map could be not enough to carry the additions. This is probably the reason why a new map is included in Squad’s Alpha 16 update.

Muhata, the Afghanistan-themed map, would be available in territory control. With it, players could have a more precise direction on how to pin down the opponents while in the war-stricken zone.

With the said map, Reddit users claimed that the battlefield would intensify for sure.

The inclusion of helos in the new update, accordingly, must come with a tutorial. As suggested, the players could only fly the choppers once they have already perfected the tutorial lessons. Thus, they should be familiar first on how to avoid crashing.

In the March 2019 YouTube video of the game, many noted that playing the game is an experience in itself.

It allows players the opportunity to try how it is to be a military person on the battlefield.

With Squad, gamers are also taught about the value of communication within the squad. It makes everyone realize that being on the battlefield does not mean all gunning and running. Instead, it is about adopting a strategic communication system.