Borderlands 3’s DLC Will Improve The Level Cap, Gearbox Confirms

Borderlands 3’s DLC Will Improve The Level Cap, Gearbox Confirms
Credit: Gearbox via YouTube

When it comes to an RPG, the feeling of progress is one of the core parts. New skills, new talent points, better weaponry – it all contributes to the feeling of growing more powerful, and there aren’t many better feelings than that.

Of course, a lot of this is usually tied to your level, and once you hit a level cap progress normally seems to stop. Because of this, future expansions and content will often add to the level cap in order to set the new content apart and give the player a chance to grow. Compare the growth between 1-60 in World of Warcraft and the level increases that would eventually come, all the way to the current max of 120!

Gearbox have confirmed that their upcoming DLC, Guns, Love, and Tentacles, will increase the level cap of Borderlands 3. Players will now be able to play up to level 57, four levels higher than the current cap of 53.

Gaining these four levels will, of course, come with a good bit of extra progress. Players will be given four additional skill points, as well as the ability to equip two capstone abilities at the same time.

That isn’t all the expansion is bringing, of course. Gearbox is adding in new functionalities with a Twitch extension as the free part of the update. This extension provides new features for streamers such as allowing them easier audience interaction – which, in essence, also means better advertising for Gearbox’s title.

That’s all in the free update, though. The DLC itself is going to cost players a bit. It’ll be available on the season pass, which’ll cost players just barely less than the cost of the full game itself at $50. The pass includes all four DLC packs, with this being the second to be released, as well as a few Butt Stallion-themed items. Considering it raises the price of the game past the $100 mark, these better be some good DLCs.

The Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC will bring players to the icy planet of Xyourgos, a Lovecraft-inspired wasteland unlike anything that Borderlands has offered before. There’ll be new bosses, occultists, and bandits to blow apart with some new deadly gear, including incredibly powerful class mods and some new legendary gear.

Knowing that the level cap will be raised might be all some players need to hop aboard, though. If you’ve been waiting to jump aboard the Borderlands 3 hype train, now might be the time.