Blizzard’s Latest Hotfix Patch Brings Adjustments And Fixes To World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Prepatch

Blizzard’s Latest Hotfix Patch Brings Adjustments And Fixes To World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Prepatch
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzard is hard at work getting World of Warcraft: Shadowlands into working order. While the title itself was delayed until later this year without an exact launch date, the prepatch went live this last Tuesday.

Still, there’s certainly plenty for the developers to work on, and even the prepatch is still being adjusted constantly. Blizzard released their latest batch of fixes today, bringing a few fixes and alterations for broken bugs and unintended glitches.

This is a much smaller batch of fixes than those that came yesterday, which made a considerable amount of changes and adjusted a few broken things. Still, there’s plenty in this one, including making the Heart of Azeroth intro quest doable.

There are a handful of class changes, first. Unholy Death Knights have had their Unholy Blight talent fixed. The talent will now successfully apply Virulent Plague at maximum melee range.

Druids have a handful of fixes, such as making the Dreamwalk ability for the Legion Class Hall usable at level 10. This reduces it from level 12, so it isn’t a massive change, but one that makes the Class Hall quest doable.

Paladins have a fix to their First Avenger talent that wasn’t working as intended. It no longer will be given double benefits of versatility as it was being given. SHamans will no longer gain stacks of Maelstrom Weapon off of Lightning Shield before level 29, which only affects Enhancement.

Moving to Dungeons and Raids, players using the Battle for Azeroth content to level can now queue for Freehold and Atal’Dazar appropriately. Alliance players unlock Freehold at 10 and Atal’Dazar at 16, while Horde players unlock Atal’Dazar at 10 and Freehold at 10.

The Sha of Doubt within the Temple of the Jade Serpent is behaving properly now. His Touch of Nothingness ability wasn’t inflicting the proper amount of damage, but now should be working correctly.

Within the Heirloom gear set, the Flash of Brilliance ability should no longer hit enemies that targets that players aren’t fighting. The unintentional glitch was causing players to accidentally pull more than anticipated. This still will damage opposing faction members with War Mode active.

There are a few other fixes being applied to a handful of random quests as well. The Heart of Azeroth quest wasn’t working properly, and now should introduce players as intended. Issues with the Cork Fizzlepop NPC during the Horde version of Exile’s Reach have been solved as well. There are likely to be more hotfixes soon, so keep an eye out!