Shadowlands Spoilers: Events Of Prepatch Lead Blizzard To Change A Pair Of World Of Warcraft PvP Achievements

Shadowlands Spoilers: Events Of Prepatch Lead Blizzard To Change A Pair Of World Of Warcraft PvP Achievements
Credit: World of Warcraft

As the title says, if you’re trying to avoid spoilers for the events of the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands prepatch, turn back now! We’ll be discussing the events of the two released trailers that show the events leading up into the expansion.

Recent events have left the leadership of the Alliance and the Horde indisposed. But despite the armistice, players don’t lean into peace too easy – players are still heading for each other’s capitals and killing whatever they see.

Only one problem – how does one kill the High King of the Alliance or the leader of the Horde Council when Anduin and Thrall have both been kidnapped by Sylvanas?

The answer is easy! You just kill the substitute instead! Blizzard has altered the achievements to make it so that players are still able to complete them.

If you’re on your way to Orgrimmar to take out Thrall, you’ll have a different target instead. The racial leader of the Darkspear Tribe, Rokhan, is going to be the target you take down to earn the achievement.

If you’re more of a blood and honor type marching into Stormwind to take out the Alliance king, you’ll be taking down Turalyon, representative of the Lightforged race and a significant Human lore character. Taking Turalyon out will award you the Executing the Exarch leader.

These achievements are part of the For the Alliance! and For the Horde! meta achievements, which you get for slaying the opposing leaders of the respective factions.

For completing this meta-achievement, players unlock an exclusive PvP mount. These achievements are the only way to unlock the Black War Bear mount.

You’ll also have a bit of an easier time than usual, as these leaders have been tuned to the respective level 50 cap that players currently rest at. This makes them considerably easier than they were in previous expansions, helping players along in their casual war crimes.

That said, there’s no accounting for the opposition you’ll face in the members of the opposing faction. Depending on your realm, you could be in for quite the fight, so make sure that you’re bringing plenty of other patriots with you to earn your achievement.

If you’re looking for something to do while you wait for the prepatch event to come, this would be an excellent pastime to earn a few rewards. Just be careful – there are more and more players returning with the promise of new content, so definitely expect plenty of opposition from your enemy faction.