Outriders Is Officially Scheduled To Release On February 2, 2021

Outriders Is Officially Scheduled To Release On February 2, 2021
Credit: Outriders via Youtube

It was announced a couple of days ago that Outriders — the co-op multiplayer shooter — was coming out in early of 2021. It was originally scheduled for December 2020, but it seems like the developer needs a little bit of more time for some polishing.

Now, the official release date is February 2, 2021 — which was revealed in a new trailer that shows off more of the dark sci-fi universe that players have to look forward to. Alas, there is finally a locked in release date. It’s not December like many have hoped, but maybe some more time in the oven is good for a game that focuses on third-person shooter mechanics and a seemingly deep progression system.

From what has been shown of Outriders, it looks like a more unique take on the online multiplayer shooter genre. The gunplay can best be described as frenetic, where you have to think quick and use cover to your advantage when calculating your next attack.

You’ll get to start off with a character class that can be customized the further along you get. The number skill trees and weapons you can collect are where the RPG elements come into play. They should give Outriders a well-rounded and even hybrid-like experience for those that like RPG with competent shooting mechanics.

The world of Enoch looks like it could set this sci-fi shooter apart from similar games. You’ll journey across a hostile planet that has mysterious threats around every corner. What are these beasts and how did they come to be? People Can Fly have clearly made a world that begs to be explored, whether you want to do it solo or with a group.

Co-op games have been in high-demand as of late as gamers look for more social experiences that they can come back to and still find excitement in. Outriders seems like the perfect game to tackle with others, especially as you come across the more powerful and difficult monsters.

It’s unfortunate that the developer wasn’t able to meet the December release window as it would fall in nicely with the release of the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. That could be a blessing in disguise though.

As fans get used to their new systems in the PS5 and Xbox Series X, People Can Fly can make Outriders a better experience that’s capable of playing well with the more advanced technology that these consoles are bringing to the table. That’s the hope anyway from passionate fans looking to explore Enoch in great detail and get their looting and shooting on.