Square Enix Announces Outriders Ahead of E3, Sci-Fi Teaser And Twitter Appearing Overnight

Square Enix Announces Outriders Ahead of E3, Sci-Fi Teaser And Twitter Appearing Overnight
Credit: Square Enix

Square Enix released a teaser today that has gotten the community hyped for their new project, Outriders. The game is scheduled to have a full debut on June 10th during their part of E3 2019. Many did not even realize that Outriders was a possibility as it has been kept secret for over a year now.

Square Enix has been dropping hints and scattering clues as to what the game is but there are been no official answers to the project’s story or elements other than the teaser. Square Enix seems to be a  partnership with People Can Fly, a polish studio that has made some solid shooters in the past.

In May the Outriders Twitter came to life and started dropping small bits of lore that fans have been trying to piece together for a while. What has been understood is that Captain Simon B. Archan is the commander of the Flores Ship. Captain ARchan is charting a course from a ruined Earth to a planet by the name of Enoch.

This planet is thought to be humanity’s last hope and salvation. Things go wrong on the ship and the player emerges from cryostasis in a ship full of nightmarish monsters and a mystery to solve.

The way that Square Enix has chosen to leak information is ingenious. Rather than telling fans exactly what is happening the Outriders Twitter feed is full of mission logs. The logs start on May 1rst and continue into the video leak posted earlier today. This way of leaking information gives a sense of adventure to itself in allowing players to see the de-evolution of the mission happen in front of them

The small leaked bits of information that come from the Twitter feed has inspired fans to imagine and predict what could happen with the two studios working together. Graphically the game looks amazing and with two great storytelling devlopers, many are expecting an exciting new adventure.

Back in 2018 PC Gamer reported that Square Enix and People Can Fly were working together on a new AAA shooter. It has been a year since that rumor was leaked and now fans are finally seeing it come together.

E3 2019 is promising to be a very exciting event as it is every year and with so many amazing and graphically beautiful games to come fans are becoming restless. The years 2019 and 2020 in gaming are going to be some of the most exciting and impactful that players have seen in recent years.