Blizzard Cryptically Teases Next Upcoming Hearthstone Expansion

Blizzard Cryptically Teases Next Upcoming Hearthstone Expansion
Credit: Hearthstone via YouTube

Blizzard took to Twitter to tease their upcoming Hearthstone expansion. Their teasing is quite cryptic and doesn’t give much to go off of, but there’s just enough for internet detectives to get to work on.

We’ve posted the tweet below, which consists of just a short gif as cards swoop past a few statues of recognizable players. Along with the gif is only the phrase “A Storm is Coming,” with a future date six days from now on March 17th, 9pm PT.

There’s no way of telling what exactly Blizzard has in store, but we’re always here for a good bit of speculation! The first thing to look at is the locale and environment of the gif.

It’s hard to tell, but it almost looks underwater. The images are distorted just a bit as the cards seemingly float through between the statues, gliding into the distance. Of course, you also have lightning strikes, which tend to not be an underwater activity. On a similar note, it almost looks as if it could be underground somehow, as there appear to be large columns in the background.

The stormy weather could also hint at the vicious elements of Deepholm, and would explain the columns and floating islands. On a third note, the floating island could also hint at an outdoor locale. Point is, any theory could be supported with enough gusto!

The three statues are Medivh, Morgl, and Lunara, three of the alternate playable heroes in Hearthstone. Morgl looks towards the camera while Lunara and Medivh stare off into the distance at what seems to be a temple as lightning strikes above them.

Many players are speculating that this could be a Murloc-themed expansion, as Morgl seems to be the most dominant figure in the teaser. This has been met with an equal number of excited players and exasperated groans, as Murloc-based decks are still an incredibly common thing to run into, especially on the Wild brackets. Past that, many feel that this could be something based around the Shaman class given the dominant nature themes.

We’ll have to wait until the 17th to figure out what exactly Blizzard has in mind – assuming it isn’t leaked. Many Twitter users are poking fun at Blizzard over the fact that this trailer was leaked on Facebook in the early hours of the day before being swiftly deleted. Perhaps this wasn’t even the original announcement date and they’ve simply posted the tweet now that the leak has done its rounds around the internet?