Bjergsen Retired From Professional Play To Become TSM’s Head Coach For Upcoming 2021 Season

Bjergsen Retired From Professional Play To Become TSM’s Head Coach For Upcoming 2021 Season
Credit: Image via Riot Games

After almost seven years with TSM, one of North America’s greatest talents has decided to hang up the keyboard and mouse. Superstar mid laner Bjergsen is retiring from professional League of Legends and will transition to the team’s head coach for 2021.

In an emotional video from TSM, the 24-year-old veteran reminisced over his meticulous journey throughout his career. He looked back at his evolution, and how he used League as “an escape from the hard times [he] was having at school.”

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As the years went by, however, Bjergsen quickly transformed into one of the most dominant mid laners in the region’s history. Since 2013, the Danish powerhouse helped TSM capture six LCS championships and an IEM trophy back in 2015. He has four seasonal MVP awards to his name and has had multiple memorable performances throughout his career.

Unfortunately for the mid laner, Bjergsen was never able to capture much international success, save for his IEM victory. His team constantly bounced out of the group stage at both MSI and Worlds over the past six years, and went through multiple iterations to no avail.

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This year might have been the most disappointing of them all, with TSM failing to record a single win in the Worlds 2020 group stage. They were also the first pool-one team to go winless in Worlds history, marking it as one of the worst performances of any LCS team at Worlds thus far.

Bjergsen’s career is legendary, but now, TSM’s upcoming offseason will be the most important one in the team’s history. For the first time in six years, they will need to find a new player to man the mid lane, and whoever they choose will need to be strong enough to carry the expectations of the TSM fanbase.

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There are plenty of mid lane names thrown around from the scene such as Nisqy, Perkz, Humanoid, and other popular mid laners. It’s going to be interesting though who will end up in the end to be TSM’s main mid lane. He will have a lot of weight to bear considering what a centerpiece was Bjergsen for the team. He is, was, and always will be what defines TSM as a team. You can’t say TSM without thinking about Bjergsen, he is the legend that has been through a lot with the team. The pieces around him kept changing, yet he remained the same, one of the best mid laners in the world.