One Of Best Miss Fortune Runes, Masteries, Early And Core Items For Current League Of Legend Season Ten

One Of Best Miss Fortune Runes, Masteries, Early And Core Items For Current League Of Legend Season Ten
Credit: Image via Riot Games

The bot lane meta changed entirely in League of Legends season 10. Champions who were not great picks in previous seasons leapt to the top of the ADC rankings over the past year. Of all the bot lane marksmen in the game, Miss Fortune has been a common choice due to the ease of her kit and her early-game power.



Press The Attack: At her core, Miss Fortune’s strength comes from her basic attacks. While she has abilities that will deal great damage, these are mostly set up to finish opponents or assist her in catching the opponent with her basic attacks.

Presence of Mind: As Miss Fortune uses her abilities to hinder her opponent’s movement or deal poke damage, she is often going to find herself low on mana. While this is not the worst-case scenario for the champion, having no way to cast her abilities will hinder her ability to enter combat. Presence of Mind will restores 20 percent of the champion’s mana after a successful takedown.

Legend: Bloodline: Taking down enemy units will see Miss Fortune gain stacks that in turn increase the champion’s lifesteal by 0.6. This number may not seem substantial, but this bit of lifesteal combined with the rest of the champion’s stats could be a defining factor in combat.

Coup De Grace: Miss Fortune is a champion who can wear down her opponents with her basic attacks before dropping her Bullet Time ultimate to close the show. Having Coup De Grace will increase the damage that Miss Fortune deals to low health opponents by eight percent.


Magical Footwear: While Miss Fortune has a movement speed increase ability, she can always use extra mobility. At 12 minutes into the game, Magical Footwear will grant the champion a set of Slightly Magical Boots that will increase her movement speed by 10.

Biscuit Delivery: Having the ability to remain in lane and farm is paramount to the success of any ADC champion. Because of this, having a way to heal quickly is extremely powerful.

Bonuses: 10 percent attack speed, adaptive force +9, armor +6

Early-game items

Doran’s Blade

The most popular choice in starting items for ADC champions, Doran’s Blade is perfect for Miss Fortune. The item grants early stat increases including attack damage, lifesteal, and health. This gives Miss Fortune durability and extra damage that will provide her an easier way to farm within the lane.

Health Potion

Spending your remaining gold on a health potion is a great call for most champions. This is going to give Miss Fortune another way to heal off any damage she may sustain without the need to return to the fountain to heal.

Core items

Essence Reaver

Being a mana-based champion. it’s not always wise to build a specific damage increase item first. But being able to do this while also providing a way to regenerate mana is the perfect reason why Miss Fortune should build Essence Reaver first. This item provides 70 attack damage, 25 percent critical strike chance as well as 20 percent cooldown reduction. Where the item truly shines is in its passive ability to regenerate mana on every basic attack.

Infinity Edge

Once the mana problem has been solved, building a high damage critical strike item is the best call. Infinity Edge offers just that with 80 bonus attack damage and a 25 percent bonus critical strike chance. The item also has a powerful unique ability that will see critical strikes deal 225 percent instead of 200 percent, giving them a 25-percent damage increase that will be incredibly powerful later in the game.