Biggest Minecraft Java Update Out Today; Village And Pillage To Include Bamboo Jungle And Bamboo Hills

Biggest Minecraft Java Update Out Today; Village And Pillage To Include Bamboo Jungle And Bamboo Hills
Credit: Minecraft

Mohjang released the biggest update yet for its Minecraft Java Edition dubbed Village & Pillage.

One of the additions to the Village & Pillage update is the new biomes–bamboo hills and bamboo jungle. You can find this content in Jungles or temples or shipwrecks. Each bamboo is massive as it can grow to as high as 16 blocks.

You can sprinkle bone meal and watch each bamboo grow a max of two blocks on the top. It’s also easy to cut it down as you can do so with just a sword. If you have no more fuel, you can also use the bamboo. Four bamboo shoots are enough to smelt one item.

If you want, you can plant the bamboo on the flower pot for decoration.

The Minecraft Java Edition update also has a new Accessibility menu. This will give you easy access to all the features that you need. For instance, if you turn on the narrator, the buttons would also be narrated on focus.

There is a tab and shift-tab toggle for easy navigation, editing, and performing other UI elements. You can use the up and down keys to go through all the lists. Meanwhile, you can now turn up the background transparency of the text elements for easy reading.

The other additions in the Minecraft update include:


– You can obtain the bell by trading something with one of the villagers
– You can then use the bell to warn the villagers in case there’s a danger
– Other villages may also use the bell to alert everybody of a raid
– Mobs nearby will also trigger the bells, which will give you an idea of their location


– You can build a fireplace without worrying about the flames spreading
– This can be used as a light source in a dark night
– You can use the campfire for cooking food, but this process is slow-going
– Like bells, you can use the campfire to alert others through a smoke signal


– You can store items in the barrel
– You can roll and rotate the barrels
– You can find these barrels in any of the villages


– Berries are yummy, but they don’t really satiate your hunger
– But you can plant these berries in your garden

Blast Furnace

– This is crucial because you can now smelt ores and melt metals much quicker
– You need five iron ingots, three smooth stone, and one furnace to make the blast furnace

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