Techland Will Feature More Of Dying Light 2 In The Upcoming E3 2019

Techland Will Feature More Of Dying Light 2 In The Upcoming E3 2019
Credit: Dying Light via YouTube

Techland first revealed its upcoming action survival role-playing game, Dying Light 2, at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3. But after that, the developers became tight-lipped as no other news about the game was shared to the public.

All this, however, will soon change as they have announced some great news on the game’s Twitter account. As posted, the studio will come back at E3 2019 to show the latest updates on Dying Light 2. The developers categorized this as their most ambitious project to date. And judging by the gameplay footage released last year, it is a bit understandable why.

The trailer showed the same game mechanics as seen on its predecessor, Dying Light. Players can maneuver their way across the open world filled with zombies using their skills in parkour. There are still missions to complete and resources to scavenge.

But this time, the choices which players pick are much more emphasized. The game has multiple factions competing for the city’s control and branching storylines that will make each player’s experience unique. There will be dozens of decisions that players have to make.

Every decision will have consequences that will greatly affect the gameplay and the whole apocalyptic city. And all these are just what takes place in the day time.

Those who have seen or played Dying Light know that the real action begins at night time. As darkness falls, unique zombies which are much more powerful, aggressive, and deadly start appearing. Players will have to rely on the parkour capabilities to run away from these mutated monsters and survive.

Dying Light 2’s previous footage failed to show what the game will be like when night falls. It’s possible that Techland will reveal this on E3 since a clip of the transition accompanied the tweet. The developers might also elaborate their plans for the latest feature which is the zombie life cycle.

Perhaps, the official release date for Dying Light 2 might even be announced. Well, everyone will just have to wait and see.

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019 will take place in Los Angeles on June 11 until June 13. That’s just only a little over a month of waiting. Techland might show the game again during Microsoft’s E3 press event much like the previous year. Especially since Sony won’t be participating at the upcoming expo in June. Microsoft has confirmed that their press conference will start on June 9 at 1:00 PM PDT so mark the calendars.