Bend Studio Releases Days Gone Update 1.25 Which Features The First-Ever Bike Challenge In The Post-Apocalyptic PS4 Game

Bend Studio Releases Days Gone Update 1.25 Which Features The First-Ever Bike Challenge In The Post-Apocalyptic PS4 Game
Credit: Reddit

Since its release back in April, Days Gone has received several updates. If you think that the Bend Studio‘s blockbuster is shallow, or you have finished the game, free DLCs relive the post-apocalyptic battle for survival with more challenges and missions to be accomplished. The latest patch, Update 1.25, is now available for download, and the total size of the DLC is 16GB?

The best news about Update 1.25 is the new Weekly DLC Challenges. On Twitter, Bend Studios teased the first Days Gone bike challenge that takes players to the Diamond Lake region. Dubbed the “Drifter’s Run” the deal is to gather and deliver all the bandages, taking advantage of the Nitrous Boost to gain speed. The ramps will also help you to garner more points by just going over them, regardless of the airtime, but a high jump is always the best.

But the challenge is riding through the unforgiving landscape and terrain characterized by volcanic activity and burned houses. Also, be on the lookout as danger is always lurking out there – talk of the hordes of bloodthirsty freakies. But nothing can stop a former Afghanistan war veteran, a bounty hunter and an outlaw with great exploits in drifting.

While all the challenges released are meant to stay unlocked indefinitely, player progression isn’t a hurdle. Besides the Weekly Challenges, there are also several fixes that come with this patch. Survival vision and enemy lines issues in Survival Mode have been sorted. You also pick up the ammo box, the same way you used to pick a group of items.

Another addition is the adjustment of NPCs (Non-Player Characters) awareness in all the modes. Some adjustments have also been made in the “Drifter’s Run” scoring system, and the accurate number of bolts crafted is now displayed on the menu. Lastly, if a player is killed just after burning down a nest, it should repopulate properly.

The previous patch, Update 1.21, was the first DLC challenge drop and also had a lot to offer. “Surrounded” is the main highlight, and this is an intense and endless battle with a bunch of hordes. It also featured several other additions including ten new trophies. Update 1.11 didn’t feature much apart from several bug fixes and is based on patch 1.10 which was dropped together with Part 1 of Days Gone. This update brought on board an immersive HUD and Survival Mode.

Days Gone has been enjoying quite some good time since its release. Today, the horror survival PS4 game is the eighth best-selling video game of the year and the best-selling game by Sony Bend.