Bee Simulator – Gamers Will See The World Through The Eyes Of A Bee, Coming This Week To All Platforms

Bee Simulator – Gamers Will See The World Through The Eyes Of A Bee, Coming This Week To All Platforms
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

Gamers will have the chance to see what life is like as a honey bee while they buzz through a macro world with a tiny perspective playing Bee Simulator.

Bee Simulator is a family-friendly adventure game that has two goals, for its players to have fun, and also for them to learn something. This game will show what it’s like to survive as a honey bee and the challenges that bees faces every day.

Gamers will play as a honey bee, exploring a nature area that is inspired by Central Park. It is a semi-open world that is full of life, from humans to other insects.

The Bee Simulator has three different game modes that will teach the player something as they play.

Single-player story mode: As a honey bee, the player will set off on an adventure right when the sun rises. They will receive orders from the Queen, leave the hive and head out into the world to complete their tasks.

However, the honey bee will quickly realize the humans want to cut down the tree that the hive is hanging onto. It is up to this pint-sized hero to save the colony and protect the Queen!

Fly around the world looking for the best plants and flowers to collect pollen from all the while being cautious of other insects, especially wasps. Players will want to search every corner of the world as there are rare plants and flowers out there that have the best pollen in the game.

Exploration mode: The player can take flight and explore the lush, beautiful world. This game has a lot of potential interactions for the honey bee, including animals, people, plants, and other insects.

Split-screen mode: Family members and friends can explore the park together via co-op or battle each other in player vs. player competition.

Bee Simulator is a non-violent game, so it’s a perfect choice for parents to play safely with their children.

The background music in the game has been composed by Mikołaj Stroiński, who has made music for many games, including The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and The Witcher 3 (a little different then a bee simulation game.)

Bee Simulator is published by Bigben Interactive and is coming out for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 12. If Gamers want the PC version, they can purchase it through Epic Games, and it will be available to play on November 14. That game is selling for $39.99.