Battlefield V Year 2 Edition Brings In Loads Of Skins, Vehicles, And Includes Chapter 5 Of The Game

Battlefield V Year 2 Edition Brings In Loads Of Skins, Vehicles, And Includes Chapter 5 Of The Game
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

The EA website just recently announced the launch of Battlefield V Year 2 Edition. This comes after the success garnered by the previous installment of the game. The sequel brings in a lot of improvement and additions to the game, including the much-awaited Chapter 5: War in the Pacific.

The Battlefield game was first released in 2002, focusing on the MP Gameplay. Over the years, the game had seen some significant improvements, including the addition of the recorded online statistics of players. This update was introduced during the second installment of the game, Battlefield 2.

This recent update, though, intends to bring in a whole new level of gaming excitement as it includes several upgrades. The Battlefield V Year 2 Edition will bring in modern vehicles, reward outfits, and weapons. All these in-game features were already released in the previous game from the first down to the fourth chapter.

The Primary Weapons total to seventeen, including the limited ones like the ZK-383, Boys AT rifle, and the MAB 38 rifle. There are also four other vehicles included in the Year 2 Edition, including the destroyer Archer tank.

Also, there will be two new Epic Soldier skins, the Double Down uniform, and Baron Von Zorn. Battlefield V also features ten new weapon skins to breathe your old weapons a new life. The skins will create a unique look like the White Tiger skin and the Firestarter.

EA has been evident in stating that there will be four new vehicles akin to the Spitfire Mk VB and the paint jobs done in the Stud IV.

The game’s newly launched Chapter V update brings a whole lot of other improvements as well. The Battlefield: War in the Pacific will add a new fleet, including the US Armed Forces and the Japanese Imperial Army. So, that’s two new navy factions and two additional classic maps.

On similar news, EA will be adding Wake Island and several Elite skins, new characters in the forms of Keisuke Nakamura, and Jack Culver. All these in-game features will be added later in December.

Players can also try out more weapons with Battlefield V, such as the Type 99 Arisaka, M1 Garand, the Japanese SMG Type 100, M3 Grease Gun, the M19 19A6, and the Nambu Type 2A. More weapons will be released as the Chapter advances.

Both the Battlefield V Year 2 Edition and the included Chapter 5: War in the Pacific are out now.