Black Future ’88 Releases On November 21 According To Recent Trailer Announcement

Black Future ’88 Releases On November 21 According To Recent Trailer Announcement
Credit: Good Shepherd Entertainment via YouTube

Cyberpunk has been quite the popular theme in video games as of late. It generally features futuristic buildings with neon lights scattered throughout. Ever since Cyberpunk 2077 was announced, a lot of developers have hopped on the train in hopes of seeing similar success. It has seen mixed results. However, one of the more unique takes on the theme is Black Future ’88.

This cyberpunk action shooter features 2D graphics and a unique design. Your character gets to climb a vertical tower that delivers endless waves of enemies and obstacles to overcome. The goal is to reach the top to kill the boss. There’s just one catch: You only have 18 minutes to complete the tower until your heart explodes, quite literally. You can imagine the type of motivation that gives you to be quick on your feet when traversing up the procedurally generated tower.

Ever since this game was teased, it has created a lot of buzz. Fans anticipating its unique gameplay and visuals finally have light at the end of the tunnel, as it just received a trailer showing its official release date. That is November 21. That’s just a couple of weeks away from experiencing this unique shooter from the people at SUPERSCARYSNAKES.

The trailer kicks off with synthwave music playing in the background. It’s appropriate given the futuristic themes on full display. It then cuts to the player moving about the stage, taking on a bevvy of enemies. There are androids floating above, turrets on the ground, and other technologically advanced AI. It’s pretty clear you’ll have to be on your A game to get to the top of the tower, and time certainly isn’t on your side.

Your player will be given the tough choice of picking particular resources, including health, skills, or the right arsenal of weapons. The narrator in the trailer says you can’t have them all. That puts you in quite the predicament, and you’ll have to assess the tower’s defenses to determine what approach to take.

You’re probably going to die a lot starting this game off. It looks pretty difficult, but that’s also part of the appeal of this 2D shooter. The more you play, the better equipped you’ll be at defeating everything that stands between you and the tower boss.

Amongst all of the roguelike games with a cyberpunk theme, Black Future ’88 certainly seems like a breath of fresh air. Just make sure you keep an eye on the clock.