Auscraft Announces Future as the Final Contestant of AusCraft Tournament

Auscraft Announces Future as the Final Contestant of AusCraft Tournament
Credit: StarCraft via YouTube

AusCraft took to Twitter today to announce the final invitee to fill out the twelve-player roster for the upcoming AusCraft Tournament. With his invitation to the tournament, we officially have our full roster of contestants set.

AusCraft is an Australian-based StarCraft esports tournament consisting of twelve players organized into two groups of six. Playing in Round-Robin format, all contestants play best-of-three playoffs against their opponent with the top 4 of each group advancing to the playoffs. With the group stage finished, the tournament enters a double-elimination bracket with a best-of-five format. The final match is instead a best-of-seven.

The top four of the tournament share the $5,000 AUD prize pool between them, with the winner taking home $2,500. Of course, they also take home the clout of winning the tournament.

The map pool consists of seven maps, including the LE versions of Ephemeron, Eternal Empire, Nightshade, Simulacrum, Triton, World of Sleepers, and Zen.

With all twelve players set, the tournament’s roster is as follows:

  • Blysk (Singapore, Protoss)
  • Pezz (Australia, Protoss)
  • Probe (Australia, Protoss)
  • Future (United States, Terran)
  • nOtoRioUsPiG (Australia, Terran)
  • Seither (Australia, Terran)
  • Vindicta (United States, Terran)
  • Chase (Australia, Zerg)
  • Crimson (Australia, Zerg)
  • MeomaikA (Vietnam, Zerg)
  • NXZ (Australia, Zerg)
  • Peppy (Australia, Zerg)

AusCraft’s tournament is almost half Zerg players, with Protoss making up only a fourth. This may be because of recent changes to the game that have emboldened multiple Zerg tactics as well as a few tweaks to Protoss, but more than likely it’s just happenstance.

Multiple teams will be represented by these players as well, with Chase being the only solo contestant. Blysk will be representing  Resurgence, with Vindicta, Future, and MeomaikA representing Alpha X, Infinity Gaming, and VietnamGameTV respectively. The remaining players represent SYF Gaming and Legacy Esports, with Pezz, Seither, and Crimson representing the former and Probe, nOtoRioUsPiG, NXZ, and Peppy representing the latter.

Future has made a name for himself in the early days of his career as a professional esports athlete. Born in 2002, the teenager has already done well in multiple tournaments, such as his 2nd place finish in the WESG 2019 USA Qualifier, losing out to Neeb in a 3-4 loss. Prior to that, the 17-year-old took first in Cheeseadelphia 8 against puCK back in December of 2018 a bit more than a year ago.

Throughout all of 2018 and 2019, Future made quick work of many different minor tournaments, finishing in first or second in most competitions he took place in and even beating out players like Cham, Asuna, Silky, and his now-AusCraft compatriot, MeomaikA.