As Long As The Story Keeps Going, The God Of War: Ragnarok Director Doesn’t Mind Being Out Of Sight

As Long As The Story Keeps Going, The God Of War: Ragnarok Director Doesn’t Mind Being Out Of Sight
Credit: Gamer

Eric Williams, the director of God of War Ragnarok, commented in a new conversation that he is content to remain unnoticed in his role as long as the narrative that connects the events of the previous game and Ragnarok feels ongoing.

When God of War Ragnarok was initially formally presented, it was a bit of a surprise that Cory Barlog, the director of the 2018 game, wouldn’t be back in the same role. Instead, Eric Williams, a veteran of the series who primarily worked on each game’s combat, was given the reins to oversee the upcoming installment. Fans were left wondering how the story of Ragnarok may be affected by the fact that the film’s director had been replaced, which gave them some concern.

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As the film’s director, Williams appears to have been aware of these concerns and has taken measures to ease them in God of War: Ragnarok. Dream Walker pointed out on Twitter that God of War Ragnarok director Eric Williams was recently interviewed by 9News Melbourne’s Mark Santomartino.

During that time, they covered the first five hours of the game. In the interview, Williams discusses the pressures of the position and how he does not want to disappoint the audience. He also mentions that he is content to remain unseen so long as the game’s storyline appears uninterrupted.

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Williams stated that he did not want this game to be similar to Corey’s God of War or Eric’s God of War; instead, he wanted it to be called God of War: The Norse Saga. And if it makes me almost indiscernible to you in this situation, and if you get the impression that Corey is the one driving, then that’s fine by me. Because I don’t want it to be like, “oh, I like that, but I don’t like this,” you want it to be continuous, almost like a book would be written, and that’s why it’s the most excellent job for me.