Apex Legend’s April Fools Mozambique Special And Teasers For Upcoming Bloodhound Town Takeover Event

Apex Legend’s April Fools Mozambique Special And Teasers For Upcoming Bloodhound Town Takeover Event
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Apex Legends continues to tick over in the background behind the hype for Call of Duty’s Warzone. Last week there was the first ranked split, dividing the ranked season between World’s Edge and King’s Canyon. Now, with April First, the dev’s have added in a little surprise for anyone who ventures out into the arena today.

Known as Apex’s biggest meme gun, the Mozambique is a poor little thing that has received a lot of attention over the last year. With a Hammerpoint hop-up, the gun honestly isn’t terrible, yet you’re still not likely to see anyone pick it up if they’ve got the choice of any other gun. As part of April Fools, you might come across a few upgraded Mozam’s lying around with a few more bullets…

What fans hope isn’t an April Fools joke is the upcoming Stories from the Outlands, the animated shorts that take a detailed look at character’s lore. This time around its Bloodhound in a 10-minute long animation which has become a staple of Apex Legend’s storytelling. The short premiers tomorrow.

Alongside a bit of Bloodhound background, the next event is speculated to involve a Bloodhound Town Takeover on World’s Edge, perhaps on the top left corner of the map, near the so-called Sniper Mountain and camping hotspot.

Head over to that side of the map today and you might find a collapsed Prowler, one of the beasts which are likely going to be added to the game during the event. Bloodhound is, of course, a famous hunter, and this addition of a new creature to the game would tie in with the Flyers of Apex Legend’s Season 2.

What is a Town Takeover, you ask? These are map changes that focus on a certain Legend, such as the Mirage Voyage on World’s Edge, or Wraith’s Test Labs on the old King’s Canyon map now playable in ranked. It’s likely Bloodhound’s Town Takeover will be a hot place to drop in the coming weeks.

Whether or not the event will be paired with more collectable items, a significant game patch, or the introduction of new game modes, is yet to be seen. Many fans are hoping that Respawn keeps up the development of the game into Season 5 as competition from other games, such as Warzone and the upcoming Valorant, might draw away its active player base.