AdventureQuest Worlds Brings In Carnaval Of Love As An Event Related To Carnaval To Give Players A Reason To Party

AdventureQuest Worlds Brings In Carnaval Of Love As An Event Related To Carnaval To Give Players A Reason To Party
Credit: Artix Entertainment

AdventureQuest Worlds is a game that loves to celebrate real-world events with in-game content. And this time, it’s the Carnaval of Love.

The Carnaval of Love is based on the Carnaval event, a Western Christian event that occurs before Lent. This event contains parades, street parties, music, food, alcoholic beverages and all sorts of “excesses” that people will be giving up during the Lenten season.

And even though AdventureQuest Worlds is an “E10+” rated game, and thus not allowed to show the alcoholic beverages or the religious aspects of the season, the team utilized all the other aspects of the Carnaval event in their game.

This means that all the music, all the lights, colors, the music, all other trappings of the Carnaval event are included in the AdventureQuest Worlds Carnaval of Love event.

In the kingdom of Fezzini, they’re having their annual Carnaval of Love parade, but something has gone horribly wrong, and now the streets are full of zombies. In order to stop this, players will need to log in this week for love, jealousy, and romance as players battle to save Hero’s Heart Day.

And with that event done, it’s time for players to get ready to celebrate Carnaval in Terra da Festa, where players will get access to all the lights, music and party atmosphere.

Alina, the team member who informed us of this event, Carnaval is one of her most favorite events of the year. She loves the colors and how the story releases center around wicked celebrations. To help the players party, the AdventureQuest Worlds team brings back all the fanbase’s favorite Carnaval story maps and farming items in the /terradafesta instance, giving them the chance to see and experience all that has come before during Carnaval.

Players will battle the Boitata, a mystical, fiery snake that brings light to the entire land, to rekindle its fire, return the light to the land. And with that going on, and players will get the chance to party. Additionally, players will as always, be able to replay the previous Carnaval events starting on February 28, 2020. This will, as always, give players a chance to collect the returning seasonal rare gear from Frevo’s shop in the /terradefesta instance.

This event, like all others, is a limited-time event, so players will want to get into this event to both see the story and collect the seasonals. So log in, check things out and BattleOn!