A Promotional Campaign Has Blizzard Granting A New Adorable Fae-Inspired Transmog Set To World Of Warcraft Subscribers

A Promotional Campaign Has Blizzard Granting A New Adorable Fae-Inspired Transmog Set To World Of Warcraft Subscribers
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you’ve been looking for a reason to renew your subscription to World of Warcraft, or even if you’ve just wanted to grab a few cute new appearances, Blizzard has you covered!

Today, Blizzard revealed a new incentive to help urge players towards renewing their subscription to World of Warcraft. By providing a reward, Blizzard encourages players to renew their subscription at the 6-month tier.

The reward in question is the Sprite Darter’s Wings transmogrification set that the developers added. This exclusive set of appearances can only be obtained through this subscription renewal offer or through purchasing it outright on the same shop for a reduced price.

To be clear, the reward in question is specifically a transmogrification set, and not a set of usable gear or armor. Players are not given items with stats with this, nor is it anything with a practical use outside of fashion – which, as we all know, is the most important use of all.

To obtain this set, players need to navigate to the in-game store to the “featured” section, where they’ll see the icon shown in the tweet we’ve embedded below. Once there, purchase a six-month subscription to earn the set.

The price is hefty – just shy of USD $80 – but it comes at a caveat. The only reward on deck for this isn’t just the Sprite Darter appearance, but the subscription itself, which has its own obvious use.

By buying your subscription in bulk, you’re saving money overall. The same six-month subscription would be $90 instead if you were purchasing it month-by-month at the $15-per-month tier, so overall, you’re almost getting a month free.

But that also assumes that you anticipate playing for six months. If you’re a player who just grabs a month in when you can with life keeping you away from the game, or if you just don’t want to pony up that chunk of money at once, the deal may not be worth it.

The transmogrification set comes with eight pieces – helmet, shoulders, chest, boots, belt, gloves, bracers, and pants. There is no cape, but who needs a cape when you’ve got these adorable wings?

Inspired by the Sprite Darter mob, the transmogrification set is a solid thematic entrance into the Shadowlands expansion, where the Ardenweald will be one of five key attractions. Players are soon to be steeped deep into the Fae, so grabbing the faerie dragon transmogrification set might be just what you need to get yourself into the mood. It also provides a wonderful Hallow’s End costume!