World Of Warcraft: Classic Has Begun Their Hallow’s End Halloween Event!

World Of Warcraft: Classic Has Begun Their Hallow’s End Halloween Event!
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

It’s officially spooky season, and Blizzard is here to help ring it in! The developers have begun the World of Warcraft: Classic version of the Halloween-inspired Hallow’s End event!

To be clear, this is for the Classic client, not the modern retail version. While both clients have the event active now, the Classic version is much more stripped back, and the two are different enough that you’d almost struggle to recognize it.

Fun fact – lorewise, the event marks the day that the Forsaken faction broke free of the Lich King’s control, celebrating the day with the burning of a giant wicker man. Other than gameplay reasons, it’s unclear why the Alliance celebrates it at all.

One of the rewards players are able to find is the Pumpkin Bag, an uncommon-quality 16-slot bag that drops from any Undead mobs level 50 or higher. These bags aren’t unique, so you’re able to farm up as many as you can hold. However, they are bind-on-pickup, so don’t expect to farm them for selling.

Players can also go apple bobbing in most inns, where they can retrieve five Bobbing Apples. These grant a powerful buff to Stamina and Spirit for characters if they sit and eat them for at least ten seconds to gain the buff.

Hallow’s End also brings an Orphan questline, where the player can travel to major cities to earn candy. This candy can then be given to faction-specific orphan NPCs to help them have a better holiday, as well as earn some reputation and treats.

The main thing that we think about, though, is the trick or treating activity! Once an hour, players can talk to any innkeeper in the game and select the option to be tricked or treated.

If a player is tricked, they’re given a costume. This turns them into a frog, ghost, kitten, skeleton, snake, or mini-Diablo for a short period of time, which cannot be ended early. You also have a chance of grabbing a random costume wand to help transform other players!

If you’re lucky enough to get a Treat Bag, you’ll get an assortment of consumable candies. You also can receive the previously mentioned wands, as well as masks for each gender/race combination playable in the game.

You’ll be able to find a few quests and rewards throughout the event as well if you look through the major cities of your faction. Hallow’s End comes once a year, so get out there and enjoy spooky season!