A New Controller Is Being Developed For The Nintendo Switch; Will Feature In-Game Voice Chat

A New Controller Is Being Developed For The Nintendo Switch; Will Feature In-Game Voice Chat
Credit: Kana Natsuno via Flickr (license)

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular consoles in recent memory. It has sold exceptionally well. Even till this day, it’s still flying off the shelves. Part of this has to do with its unique design.

You have the option of using it as a traditional console, where you play using a television screen. Or, you can use the Switch’s screen as a portable device and game on the go. The choice is completely up to you.

Well, it appears the console design of the Switch is getting an upgrade in the form of a new controller. Not that the current Switch’s controllers are bad. They just have a unique design that takes some time getting used to.

It appears the newest Switch controller will be something more reminiscent of Xbox One’s controllers. This third-party controller is being developed by PDP and will be called Faceoff Deluxe +. It features a wired design and includes a separate chat functionality feature.

What does this mean for Switch owners? They now will be able to plug in a standard headset into the controller and talk normally. No longer do users have to go through Nintendo’s mobile chat app, which is not the most user-friendly experience.

Fans have requested a feature like this for the Switch for some time now. They’re finally getting it. The overall design of the controller is not bad either. It looks to be much more ergonomic than the Switch’s default controllers. Those interested in picking up one or a set can choose between two different colors: camo red and camo purple.

Gamers will have the chance to customize the controller even more, as the face plates are completely interchangeable. This is a nice touch for gamers looking to have something truly unique and exclusive. It lets them use their creative side and design a controller they love looking at each day.

As far as this controller’s price, it will be right at $25. That’s not a bad deal at all given the improved ergonomics and of course, in-game chat feature. And, this controller will come equipped with two programmable buttons. You can customize them to your liking, depending on how you play various games.

Pre-orders for the PDP Faceoff Deluxe + will available sometime in May. If you have a Nintendo Switch, this third-party controller certainly is worth the value and could give you better gaming experiences overall.