Nintendo’s Labo DIY VR Kit Is Targeting More Family-Oriented Experiences; Easy To Pass Around

Nintendo’s Labo DIY VR Kit Is Targeting More Family-Oriented Experiences; Easy To Pass Around
Credit: Common Wikimedia - Nintendo

Virtual reality has been blowing up over the past couple of years. The movement has given birth to so many great VR headsets, including the Oculus Rift and the PSVR. Both headsets have amazing graphics, so much so that you feel like you’re in actual games.

Recently, Nintendo threw its hat into the VR mix with their Labo VR Kit. These kits are unique in that they enable users the ability to design and customize their own VR headsets. They come equipped with so many attachments and are actually pretty affordable, at least compared to the major VR headsets currently on the market.

So far, the kits have been a huge success. Nintendo is marketing the kits towards gamers who’re looking to get their family in on the fun. You see, the very nature of virtual reality is pretty exclusive. You put on a VR headset and forget about the current environment you’re surrounded in. You go to your own world, which is a very personal experience.

Nintendo is hoping to use their Labo DIY kits as a way to make VR more family-friendly.  Their attachments make it to where you hold the VR headset with your hands, rather than wrapping straps around your forehead. This attachment design lends itself well to passing the VR headset off, so the entire family can get in on the action.

Also, Nintendo is making games for these kits that focus on shareable moments. You could be playing a competitive game, where everyone in the family takes turns trying to get a high score. Thus, Nintendo’s take on VR is built around family and friend experiences where everyone is included.

This is a smart play by Nintendo. They’re targeting a particular niche in the VR market, and have the chance to do some amazing things with this tactic. It also makes sense that Nintendo would go in this direction. They’ve always been associated with family-friendly experiences. Their products bring families closer together, enabling them to make lasting memories.

The kits themselves are pretty interesting. There are so many ways to customize them, enabling gamers the ability to use their creativity. They can design their own VR headset from the ground up. There are also different types of kits available at different price points.

If you have a Nintendo Switch and don’t have the means to pay for a major VR headset, these kits are a great option. They don’t cost that much and for the most part, still work great. Think of these kits being geared towards family-friendly VR gaming on a budget.