VR Headset For Valve Scheduled For Shipping In June, Pre-Orders And Specs Available Next Month

VR Headset For Valve Scheduled For Shipping In June, Pre-Orders And Specs Available Next Month
Credit: The Verge

Good news to fans who have been waiting for Valve’s VR headsets. Valve will be shipping the same starting June. The specs for these headsets will be available next month, along with the pre-orders.

Recently, Valve confirmed that though the technical information of these headsets is unfinished, the manufacturer’s index pages are accurate.

Previously, it was rumored that June 15 will be the shipping date, however, Valve said that this is not correct. The company’s representative revealed that they’re still finalizing the June date to ship the units to the customers.

What‘s certain as of now is that the company is targeting May 1 as their formal announcement date. They also added that the commencement of the pre-order period is also most likely to change.

Also, the Index Controllers on Valve are confirmed to be controllers for “knuckles,” just under a new name. The said knuckles controllers will also be available simultaneously with the Valve Index.

To recap, previously, an unfinished Valve Index Steam page appeared stating that Valve’s VR headsets will be shipped in June. After the news of the shipping date went viral, the said page has been taken down.

For a while, there were rumors about the Valve Index. It was only last week that Valve confirmed that they’ll be shipping their own VR headsets. A teaser was released to confirm the news. In that teaser, it was suggested that pre-ordering will start by May.

Despite the rumor, the page doesn’t actually reveal that much information. There was no detail on the specs, FOV, resolution, or anything. As a matter of fact, parts of the said page contain some placeholder texts.

What’s certain now are the contents of the package. The page revealed the following package inclusions:

● Integrated Headphones
● Headset
● Connections: USB 3.0
● 1.2 Display Port Enabled for Tethering
● Power Adapter
● Specialized Power Adapter Plug
● Gaskets: 2-Face

What’s not included in the list are playspace-mountable tracking devices which normally pairs with HTC Vive. These can be bought separately, though. There’s an unfinished Steam page dedicated for these, but it was also removed.

Aside from these mountable devices, the index also excludes controllers. The listing on Steam for these controllers was also removed from Steam.

With all of these Valve pages going active on Steam, it’s imminent that a Valve announcement will be made soon. Hopefully, the said announcement will come with details on the specs. Many are waiting to see if Valve’s hardware is at par with, or better than HTC Vive and Vive Pro’s.