World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Receives Guilds And Communities Finder Along With Hot Fixes

World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Receives Guilds And Communities Finder Along With Hot Fixes
Credit: PicturePlane via YouTube

Blizzard has just launched a glorified job board on World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. It’s called the Guilds & Communities Finder, and gamers can find it by pressing the default hotkey ‘J.’

WoW players will be able to use this menu to search for guilds and communities. This is a pretty great feature that Blizzard has brought into the game. It will streamline guild recruiting, especially for the more serious PvE and PvP guilds.

Gamers will be able to search for the elements that they are looking for in a guild or community.

A WoW player can also look for a specific size of a guild. Maybe a player wants to find a smaller guild to develop more personal relationships, or a bigger guild to have the ability to partake in end-game content.

Class-roles can also be searched as well. Players can check to see what guilds are recruiting their particular class.

This menu is like a glorified job board. Guilds will post in this engine what they’re looking for to bring value to their guild. Maybe it’s a hardcore raiding guild that plays weeknights, and they need a Mage. They can now use this feature for advertising just that.

The guild will choose a recruitment officer, and that person oversees posting. The posting will require an application from hopeful players, and the officer will either sift through applications or turn on the auto-accept option.

This is an exciting thing for the hardcore guilds out there. Instead of spamming different chats, they can use the Guilds & Community Finder. The application element will allow a player to let guilds know their specialization, as well as write whatever they want in a note.

The Golden Joystick’s PC Game of the Year WoW Classic received a few hotfixes, as well as Battle for Azeroth’s Achievements and WoW’s 15th Anniversary.

• Players with multiple accounts will see the Mecha-Done achievement on each one when it’s completed.
• There will no longer be delays when the Guardian of Azeroth (Essence) pet casts while the owner has high levels of haste.
WoW’s 15th Anniversary
• A bug was fixed that was causing Outlaw Rogues using Killing Spree against Ragnaros to teleport into a different encounter.
• An issue was causing players to lose their anniversary buff, and it has been fixed.
• Korraks Revenge will now feature Commanders Karl and Louis Philips with the same amount of health, as well as Commanders Duffy and Malgor.
• If Korrak the Bloodrager is led 100 yards away from his spawn point, he will reset and evade enemy attackers.
WoW Classic
• Players that swap their Engineering specialization will now have available the proper ‘Membership Card Renewal’ quests.
• Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow threat levels to drop from a Rogue when using Vanish.
• The in-game combat log has been fixed. Only information within 50 yards of the player will be displayed in the log.

Enjoy the new job board, as well as these fixes!