Star Citizen Receives New 20 Vs. 20 Mode Theatres Of War – Announced During Citizen Con 2949

Star Citizen Receives New 20 Vs. 20 Mode Theatres Of War – Announced During Citizen Con 2949
Credit: Wiol via YouTube

Citizen Con 2949 took place this weekend, and the developers, Cloud Imperium Games, released a lot of thrilling information about Star Citizen.

Currently, Star Citizen is in Alpha 3.7 right now. Whenever a new feature is developed, it’s been added to the alpha mode for players to try out and give feedback.

One of the big announcements was the introduction of a new 20 vs. 20 multiplayer mode called Theatres of War.

Here is the Theatres of War trailer revealed at Citizen Con 2949.

“Theatres of War is a brand new objective based game mode within Star Machine where the key focus is the use of combined arms.”

The scenario features the infamous gang ‘The Supreme’ battling an elite Advocacy squad. The setting of Theatres of War is a stronghold for The Supreme, and Advocacy wants to remove them from it.

The Supreme would rather destroy it all, then turn the base over to Advocacy. The gang will do this by activating a mining laser that is orbiting in space.

This mode features three phases that will have players competing via FPS, land vehicle battles, and space fighting. All these phases are played seamlessly to accomplish the main objective.

The first phase is a classic team-based first-person shooter match. Players will work together, navigating through bunkers, landing strips, and other cosmic infrastructure while on the ground.
The goal is to take over a base and disable its anti-aircraft turrets.

The second phase features teammates using vehicles and driving around the map, taking out their enemies, as well as utilizing FPS mechanics. Players will use different vehicles to attack the opposing team, including ground tank-like machines to flying, and highly agile vehicles. Teams will focus on the primary objective as well, destroying a radar tower.

Phase three will bring in the space ships. Players will use these ships to bring down the other team’s ships as well as taking down a mining laser. Gamers will take flight and enter space, and will do everything they can, by vehicle or foot, to complete the objective.

These three phases will load seamlessly during gameplay.

For those that are worried that this has taken developers away from finishing the game, do not fret. Theatres of War is the product of balancing that Cloud Imperium has been working on for FPS, land vehicles, and space ships. The development was already there, so they were able to make this game mode rather fast!

It will be interesting to see how well Theatre of War plays in the current alpha mode Star Citizen is in.