While Pokemon Sword And Shield Had A Great Launch, Fans Accuse Game Freak For Issues Like Lackluster Animations And Others

While Pokemon Sword And Shield Had A Great Launch, Fans Accuse Game Freak For Issues Like Lackluster Animations And Others
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Pokemon Sword and Shield is out, and everyone seems to be enjoying the newly released Pokemon series, however, is this new Pokemon entry worth the hype?

Overall Review
However, critics’ review of the recent Pokemon title was generally good on average. They were in favor of the title. Also, Polygon allegedly noted how the game surprised them despite the game’s setbacks. Based on Forbes stats, the new Pokemon entry got a good score out of 19 reviews, combining to an 81 over 100.

What Are Fans Saying?
Still, fans are not pleased as with critics. For that reason, according to critics, fans gave the game an overall score of 3.4 out of 10—a somewhat low score for such n auspicious game.

So, where did the issue arise from?
It started from Game Freak’s tease of the complete Pokedex that was allegedly released and showed before Pokemon Sword and Shield debuted. This teaser included a considerable cut, which involved the cherished first-generation Pokemon, which wasn’t on their list.

Then, guess what came next? Well, the real hate emanated from Fan’s belief that Game Freak did cut corners when developing the game. Some of the fans were also accusing the developers of several fakes the plotted. For instance, they had accusations of reusing stale game models and using humdrum animations.

This only became serious when CNN reported of fans taking out their frustrations on twitter via the hashtag #GameFreakLied which did trend in the United States. This act was a way of Fans telling how the studio lied about the production of the game.

Some fans posted videos of Game Freak’s supposed shortcomings of the game.

The Big Launch
Still, they had a successful launch. Pokemon Sword and Shield as the game ranks at the 3rd spot on UK’s chart, and 7th on the Dual Edition. From their stats, Pokemon Sword and Shield happens to be the 2nd most massive launch in Pokemon history. (For the UK only)

Furthermore, there are also some things about the title that fans enjoy. For instance, players can now have face to face with your smaller Pokemon. Also, the inactive dens can be a means of gaining some extra money in the Wild Area.

Final Verdict
Altogether, Pokemon Sword and Shield have excellent game experience, mostly if you’re an existing fan of the franchise—however, you’d have to bear with the bottlenecks found lurking in the game. Other than that, it’s definitely worth the try, notwithstanding what fans are currently complaining about.