Upgrade Your Gaming Experience With The Audeze Mobius Headphones And Acer Nitro 7 Gaming Laptop

Upgrade Your Gaming Experience With The Audeze Mobius Headphones And Acer Nitro 7 Gaming Laptop
Credit: Acer via YouTube

If you are looking to spend some money today, consider the new Audeze Mobius headphones and Acer Nitro 7.

These two products are a match made in heaven. A pair of Audeze Mobius gaming headphones are perfect peripheral for the Acer Nitro 7 gaming laptop.

The headphone is probably one of the best products in the market today when it comes to fidelity sound. For one thing, this one features planar magnetic technology, which produces a more accurate sound. Audeze does have a lot of experience in this regard as its solid reputation as an audio company is well-deserved.

One drawback of the magnets is the weight, which is why Audeze decided on using premium plastic on this headphone. That might not sit well with audiophiles who want more metal or other premium materials for their headphones.

In terms of colorways, you can choose between carbon black and a gold highlight depending on your personality. The latter is flashier and will earn you some glances while you are out in the coffee shop, listening to music or playing games.

If you can fork the $400 price tag, the Audeze Mobius is one of the best gaming headphones out there.

Now, if you’ve blown all your budget for a pair of headphones, you can pair it with the Acer Nitro 7. This gaming laptop is designed to target the budget-conscious consumer as it retails for $1,200 on Amazon.

For that price tag, you will get 4.5GHz 9th Gen Intel i7 Core processor paired with 16GB RAM (DDR4). You also get GTX 1650 chip with GDDR5 VRAM (up to 4 GB), and a 15.6-inch HD LED panel. The storage is also quite generous at 512GB SSD.

There’s a cheaper variant, which will set you back around $1,000, and that one features the GTX 1050.

At that price range, you can upgrade to the Predator Helios 500, which already features the Ryzen chip. However, that one is built like a tank because it weighs a hefty 10 pounds. The Nitro 7 is geared toward consumers who like to have a portable gaming station.

The Acer Nitro brand is being marketed as one of the lightest gaming laptops around. For instance, this Acer Nitro 7 just weight around 5.95 pounds just a little more than its predecessor. The Nitro 5 weighs 5.14 pounds.