Acer Has Carved A Name In Creating Some Of The Most Exceptional Gaming Hardware

Acer Has Carved A Name In Creating Some Of The Most Exceptional Gaming Hardware
Credit: Dave Lee via YouTube

Acer continues to carve its name in the tech industry by creating some of the most compelling laptop series in the market. In the past few years, the company has created the most extreme gaming hardware starting with the Acer Predator 21X.

The 21-inch gaming laptop was composed of high-performance desktop parts and costs almost half your bank account. The high-end laptop is priced at $8,999, something only well-to-do gamers can afford.

The Acer flagship houses the best Silicon Valley has to offer including the latest GTX 1080 GPU and paired with the 2.90 GHz Intel Core i7 microprocessor. Its power, though it is not compromised with its back-breaking weight of 8.5kg. Though it’s a small price for having the extreme gaming rig you’ll ever own.

Acer is then following through by releasing the next-gen monster Predator X. Though no news about its pricing has been released, we can expect the new hardcore gaming laptop to have the same price as its predecessor, if not higher.

The new gaming laptop will feature dual server-grade Intel Xeon microprocessors and the latest powerful GPU card from the NVidia line. This will be paired together using a Scalable Link Interface (SLI), the newest tech jargon from NVidia.

SLi is an NVidia brand used for multi-GPU processing using a uni-parallel processing technique to boost computing power. Acer President of IT Products quipped that their brand new X laptop is pushing the boundaries of technology. He also said that the unit is not just limited to GPU performance, but every gamer’s performance.

Based on his statements, Predator X is precisely targeting a small segment of PC gamers. These gamers are not only playing but also simultaneously streaming and broadcasting their games.

It’s easy to understand that this type of high-end product is not easy to design. It does not work as getting the latest and most potent components packed in a box and then shipping them off. For the most part, these laptops are designed to address every gamer’s demands.

That means designing the laptops based on what every gamer needs and not just performance-wise. Acer is not only making high-end products, but the company is delivering what every PC gamer needs.

At the end of the line, the company is delving deeper into the latest products, targeting the new niche of high-end desktop portability.