Two Limited-Time Modes Have Been Added To Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Infected And GunFight O.S.P.

Two Limited-Time Modes Have Been Added To Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Infected And GunFight O.S.P.
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gamers will be able to enjoy one fan-favorite and one brand-new game mode for a limited time! Infected, which has been featured in multiple Call of Duty games, and Gunfight O.S.P, a game mode exclusive to Modern Warfare, are available between now and December 18th.

These modes were announced when the massive Season 1 update dropped earlier this month, and they are finally ready to be played!

Infected is a classic zombie mode that has had renditions of it done by many games, including the Halo franchise, and of course, Call of Duty. It was first introduced to the Call of Duty franchise during Modern Warfare 3 and has since been seen in numerous Call of Duty titles, including Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, Black Ops III, and WWII.

The premise is quite simple for those that know anything about zombies. The match starts, and after a few seconds, a player is randomly chosen to be the infected one. They will then attempt to find and kill the other gamers, known as the ‘survivors.’ Each time a survivor is killed, they will become infected as well, growing the zombie army by one. The match is usually set for five minutes and finishes when the last player becomes infected. Survivors can win the game, however, if they can outlast the time limit without dying.

Gunfight O.S.P. makes its entrance into official Call of Duty multiplayer for its first time. This game mode is a lot like the Gunfight mode that has been seen before, but with a twist. It is still a 2v2 match; however, players will not start with a loadout. Once they spawn into the match, they will need to scavenge the map, looking for weapons.

New game modes are always exciting to try out in Call of Duty, but since it’s only available for a week, gamers need to start queuing soon if they want to spend a meaningful amount of time trying it out. And of course, Infected is always welcomed in Call of Duty multiplayer, even if it’s just for a few days.

Another game mode that would be welcomed is the extremely hyped, unconfirmed Battle Royale mode. There have been leaks all over the internet the past month about the potential game mode, including what may be the official Battle Royale map.

Maybe Infinity Ward will announce Battle Royale once these two limited-time modes go offline? Probably not, but a man can dream!