Trails of Cold Steel III Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch In The Spring Of 2020, A Hardcore JRPG That Has Just Made It To The West

Trails of Cold Steel III Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch In The Spring Of 2020, A Hardcore JRPG That Has Just Made It To The West
Credit: Falcom via Youtube

Trails of Cold Steel III is on its way to the Nintendo Switch, bringing its legendary JRPG storyline to a new device. This has long been one of the most beloved series continuously loved by hardcore fans.  This game saw its origin in the days of the Playstation Portable, but now it is continuing its mobile tradition with the Nintendo Switch.

The game has always brought a lengthy interconnected story that focused on military and political struggles. The game has several countries interconnected through their fantasy conflict in an almost steampunk setting. This is truly a self-defined RPG with a unique world and rememberable characters.

Trails of Cold Steel 3 is the eighth entry in the series. This chapter focuses on a band of military school cadets. The squad must face off against an ever-growing threat across a wartorn land while building up their skills in combat and forming stronger friendships.

It follows a formula close to Final Fantasy 10 and 11 with the combat following a preset displayed initiative. As you fight through battles, you collect items, equip your characters, level up, and form the strongest squad available in the game. This is truly a pinnacle of JRPG gaming with puzzles, combat, story, and characters to explore and learn about for hours and hours.

This edition will be launched with special editions for purchase. If you buy the Extracurricular Edition of the game, you will receive the base game, a 20-page art book, and a reversible cover. If you buy the Thors Academy Edition, you will get everything previously mentioned along with a steel book, game soundtrack, postcards, and a Mishy plushie. All versions of the game will include the DLC items pack as well automatically included.

Although fans are finally getting the third edition of the game series, Trails of Cold Steel 4 has been out in Japan over a year. The developers are already looking ahead with the franchise teasing a new storyline, a new group of characters, and even more excitement.

“As creators, we would love for everybody to be able to play the game as soon as possible but the reality is, because these [games] are so story focused, we’re actually still fiddling with the text up until the very end, and we won’t let localization partners work on it until it’s complete. These games are known for their very luminous stories, and it takes a long time to translate. This one, for example, has 2.4 million Japanese characters, and it just takes time,” said Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo.

The game is set to release in North American and Europe in the Spring of 2020. If you are fans of JRPGs, then this is a great chance to jump into the series.