The Team-Based Multiplayer Overwatch Gets New Havana Map; Features Colorful Buildings And Classic Cars

The Team-Based Multiplayer Overwatch Gets New Havana Map; Features Colorful Buildings And Classic Cars
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

If you enjoy live multiplayer games, you’ve probably come across Overwatch at some point. It has been out since 2016, and even to this day, it features some of the best first-person shooter action online to date. There are so many characters to choose from and plenty of classes to master.

Best of all, the game constantly gets updates that introduce new features and maps. The recent patch that recently went live introduces players to a new map. It’s Havana, the historic city of Cuba. According to reports, it’s now in full rotation.

If you’re not familiar with the real city of Havana, it’s known for its rich culture and classic cars. It appears Havana in this patch will feature the same things. Some patch notes were recently put out that explains Havana in greater detail.

There are plenty of beautiful alleys for you to duck into when the combat gets really intense. They have an interweaving design that lets you retreat to various parts of the stage, depending on what your strategy is. There are plenty of landmarks to visit throughout the action as well, including La Cocina de Miranda and Cafe del Sol.

As you traverse through Havana, you’ll be treated to beautiful architecture and sunny visuals. The map even has a beach-side castle for the final segment, which should make for a great place to set up shop with your teammates.

Imagine the beautiful city of Havana featuring intense action, where bullets are flying all over the place. Sounds amazing, right? In addition to this map, the path that recently went live is fixing bugs and giving users access to two Legendary skins.

It’s nice to see the team at Blizzard Entertainment continue to improve Overwatch’s gameplay and put out new content. It gives users the chance to experience something new and enjoy a novel way of battling it out with friends and foes.

For those who haven’t had the chance to get their hands on Overwatch, updates like this recent one are a regular occurrence. You can look forward to a wide variety of combat tactics. The different classes in this game all come in handy at some point in a battle.

You may prefer yourself a long-range sniper or a runner-gunner. The great thing is there’s no wrong class to choose. It all benefits your squad in some way. Additionally, there are so many maps to experience. Havana certainly has the potential to be one of the most popular.