The Rumors Are True, Sims 4 Is Getting A New Expansion Pack Called Discover University, It Is Time To Send Those Sims To College

The Rumors Are True, Sims 4 Is Getting A New Expansion Pack Called Discover University, It Is Time To Send Those Sims To College
Credit: The Sims Studio

Ahead of the formal expansion, a new Sims 4 expansion pack has appeared. There have been a number of new expansions released, including the supernatural Realm of Magic. There has been a rumor circulating from a few weeks back that a University expansion would be coming to the popular simulation game.

A report by SimsVIP via PCGN shows that a leak has appeared in the US Xbox One store. There is a complete overview of the game, including image assets and a full description of the expansion. It has yet to appear in European stores, but that has not stopped fans from buzzing with excitement.

Sims is known for giving you the ability to do almost anything with your virtual beings. Now you can send them to school and make them suffer for their futures. The classes will buff your Sims stats, but be warned; they can cause additional stress and problems for unprepared Sims.

The expansion comes packed with classes in engineering, education, and law careers along with extra lessons for your Sims. Robotics and ping-pong are able to be learned to give you some play to your school filled day. These lessons will carry through your Sims live, helping them succeed at whatever profession you have them destined for.

There is also mischief to be had as you can pull pranks against the rival school. Soccer, juggling, juice pong, and even clubs are available to your Sim, giving them the full college experience at a smaller scale.

Sims is known for giving you options, and during previous installments, the expansions were a must-have for any player. More expansions mean more fun for you and your Sims. There is no other rumors floating around for any extra expansions coming out, but players are expecting at least one more before the next Sims is released.

So get ready to pay money for your Sims future as you buy this upcoming expansion and increase the Sims experience. There is sure to be extra details slipped into the experience that are not found on the leaked description. Keep in mind that any of the Sims expansions require a copy of the core Sims 4 game before being playable.

The leak reports a release date of December 17 for consoles. If trends continue, players should be seeing the expansion come to PC a month early. SimsVIP is estimating the PC launch around November 15. So hit the books or sleep in, that is your Sims choice now.