Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – In A Massive DreamHackCS Final; Heroic and CR4ZY Go Pound For Pound Through The Full Three Maps

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – In A Massive DreamHackCS Final; Heroic and CR4ZY Go Pound For Pound Through The Full Three Maps
Credit: ESL Counter-Strike via Twitch

DreamHack has held a robust competitive scene for years, and their current season has culminated just now with an impeccable slugfest between the two Counter-Strike teams CR4ZY and Heroic.

Heroic won their map pick of Nuke cleanly with 16-3 slapdown of CR4ZY. A tremendously one-sided turnout on Heroics map pick that made many viewers begin wondering if the series was even going to be worth watching.  CR4ZY’s ‘SHiPZ’ had a beautiful double frag with an AWP to post a second point for CR4ZY after defusing the placed bomb.  Besides this highlight, the map was an astoundingly one-sided affair, with Heroic hosting a clinic on cleaning up an enemy across Nuke.

CR4ZY, not to be outdone, posted an impressive 16-5 for their map pick on Mirage.  In much of the same way that Heroic opened a fragging clinic on Nuke, CR4ZY proved they weren’t to be outdone and proved they had just as much of a right to be in the DreamHackCS finals as Heroic.  ‘ShiPZ’ netted four frags with a MAC10 with rapid-fire headshots through a cloud of smoke in a clutch play that kept Heroic on their heels for the rest of the match.  The one-sided stomping brought frustration to Heroic who clearly assumed the championship was, for all intents and purpose, already won.

This brought the series to the final map, the only one neither banned nor selected for the first two rounds; Inferno.  After beginning the map with a 5-0 advantage for Heroic, the teams then took turns gaining and losing the upper hand, which was surprising in a match that had looked one-sided for both sides already.  Heroic found themselves starting on the T-side, with CR4ZY on CT.  At the half, the teams were as close to tied as possible, with 8-7 in favor of Heroic with impressive tactical prowess leaving CR4ZY defending the wrong bomb site on the 15th round.

The second half of the final map found Heroic gaining the upper hand as CT-side despite multiple bomb-plants from CR4ZY, with ‘Banana’ and ‘T Ramp’ seeing large amounts of utility usage for each round.  CR4ZY found their first map on the 18th round through successful defense of the bomb, which allowed their economy room to make a greater buy; this economic advantage netted CR4ZY full buys and multiple rounds in their favor.  At the close of round twenty, both teams somehow held ten points each with Heroic’s economy continuing to slowly dwindle from CR4ZY’s feints and lurks, resulting in a full economy buy for Heroic on round 21 that gave advantage for Cr4ZY through round 24.

Cr4ZY finally found themselves able to clutch series in round 28 as even Heroic’s full-buys couldn’t stop the brazen tactics of CR4ZY, with the final scoreline of 16-13.  Their first LAN win, CR4ZY are arguably a team to fear in the coming near-future.